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  1. Yes booze is legally outlawed. There is a law in the state of alaska that lets every village/town decide if they want to allow booze or not. It is called "local option". There are three different statuses if a community votes into local option. Dry, Damp (booze is allowed to be ordered in LIMITED QUANTITIES with a monthly limit per person, but not sold locally) or wet (booze sales allowed). A village can also vote out of local option law, in which case they can create their own status and laws. Bethel (where I live) has been damp for 20 some years, and we voted OUT of local option this past year, so now we currently have no limits on what we can import. For the first time in 20 years we can legally have a keg flown in and enjoy keg bear out of a keg-orator. Before voting out of local option it was a felony to import a keg. Village life in rural Alaska is a very different kind of life, and to really grasp the underlying problems you would have to live out here for a few years. The fact is though, outlawing the booze does not stop the problem, just makes it a little less than what it would be with booze legally available. Each village has a VPSO (village public safety officer) no police in most villages. Troopers come out and do any investigations and deal with the problems. The original poster committed and openly admitted to committing a FELONY according to Alaska law, by importing booze to a dry village. The problems he experienced were because of his own stupidity.
  2. fished it, and i trap it in the winter, I hope you had a great float trip.
  3. Not oozies but yes AR's. IT was the village of Tuntatuliak, very tense moment between wildlife troopers and villagers. Booze in the villages doesn't go for 400 bucks either. I have lived in Mekoryuk, one of the hardest villages for them to smuggle booze in becuase the ONLY way to get there is fly. There people would pay 180 for a 5th of cheap booze. Not 400. I would not say MOST are too lazy to work, I would say some are, but not most. You sure do sound racist for never having lived out here and just visited. Next time don't listen to everything you hear, make your own judgements from your own experiences when you are informed enough to do so, instead of hearing how lazy they are this or that. As far as smuggling booze into the village (Goodnews, quin, or somewhere off the Nush) and bragging about it, I am forwarding this post to the Alaska State Troopers here in Bethel, and I hope you get busted for illegal importation and have to fly back for a court hearing!!!!!!!!
  4. Grebe and flyingv are right on. Nature has a way of taking care of everything on its own. I am not familiar with the laws down there about carcass dumping anymore, but up here I dump most of my fox here and there making little piles for the scavengers to eat. All lynx and beaver carcasses are used for bait for catching more furbearers.
  5. obrien arn't you suppose to be getting married or something LOL. Obrien is a stand up guy, and I am very sorry to hear another illegally messed with his set. I don't know if I would handle it as well as he did, I would press charges if it were me. On another note, a quick internet search will tell you how to release a dog from a body gripping trap. It is very easy if you have a dog leash (which you should) or a piece of rope. Do a quick search and learn how to do it.
  6. I am still around, just don't visit this site too much anymore. I will swing by this season and give ya some info about my line. So far we are on a freeze/thaw cycle. We have NO snow on the ground. We are in a pattern where it is 20 below for a week and a half, then 40 above for a week. It is torture on the snowmachine slides running my short line (45 miles) with no snow. I am not putting out more until we get some snow I HOPE. I will take some pics on the line next time out to show you how bare it is up here. I see you guys are going to get pounded like back in 91. I hope all you trappers manage to get some sets pulled before it hits. Oh the wife and I do have one child with another on the way, it does cut into the amount of time I can/am willing to spend away. I will do my best to visit the site more this year though ok guys.
  7. Sorry guys I did not have time to take pics today i was under time restraints. Poor day on the line, lots of overflow, some a few feet deep, and lots of traps exposed after the recent thaw. i had to reset all traps due to the thaw refreeze today. I had three misses on cats, two just plain missed the pan and a third walked right by a set. I did have three red fox waiting for me in 3 different cubbies as well, not what I wanted, but thats ok, got some fur on the stretchers again. I am headed up moose hunting sunday for a few days, I will take lots of pics and hopefully we will bag a bull.
  8. if you buy the large roll of #9 you can make ONE cut through the spool and you will have about 60 or so perfect snare supports. That is if oyu like to attach your snare right to your support as I do.
  9. MTP gets EVERY one of my orders. I would never go anywhere else, Caven's run a FIRST CLASS operation.
  10. goosebilly you can change the pan tension on a trap by tightening the screw that holds the pan on the trap. If you don't have a pan tension tester, you can make one. Take a small container and fill it with sand, 2 lbs, 3 lbs whatever you want your tension at. I have one filled at 2lbs-4lbs every half a pound. Sthat way i can get a pretty good idea of the tension on my traps. I was reminded why the other day when i had an ermine in a cat set because i forgot to check the pan tension after a catch.
  11. I wanted to do check 3 last night, but we have a thaw going on and have several feet of water on top of the ice in spots. I can not get into the sloughs i need to to check traps. I will give it another go tonight, hopefully i ahve a report of check three tomorrow.
  12. I do not own any 450's. I have heard fantastic things about them though. My prefered trap for fox are sleepy creek 1.75's offset. It's a great trap. I LOVE the MB 650's, adn 750's. I also LOVE bridger #3's, Sleepy Creek #4's (But i file the sides of teh pan down so they don't get caught under the levers), Heck I even use Duke #4's on occasion. IF it is in a high traffic area. What did you have pull out of a 1 1/2, and what are you setting your pan tension at? and for what critters? I have found that pan tension is the biggest problem that leads to toe catches which results in pullouts.
  13. that duck there looks like a widgeon, but i save all my ducks i shoot that i don't pluck. The ones i do pluck i save all the feathers to spread around at a set. THe ones i breast out I freeze in ziplocks to hang as bait. I am in Alaska. The cool thing about trapping is trappers utilize more parts of the animals than most people do. Most people would breast out a duck and throw the carcass away. Not I. THe carcass has just as much value as the breast meat. The feathers and wings have just as much if not MORE value than the meat as well. (Side note, nothing is wrong with NOT utilizing anything more than the law requires, I have no problem with someone just taking the breast meat)
  14. Amazing how many are on both. Nice looking cherry
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