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  1. Quote:No, you don't need the other cord at all. They need to put the other cord on there so they are not infringing on Vexilar patent Very good point. If anyone has the float rigged the way the instructions say and are haveing problems seeing their jigs, need to re-rig the floats "Vexilar" style and that should solve the problem.
  2. BIG DS

    jiffy problem?

    Just needs a small adjustment.
  3. Quote: In your case you made it a 100k on the O.E. ones so why not roll with those. Also the big reason the aftermarket shocks and struts tend to carry a lifetime warranty. They wear out faster than the O.E. so you can keep coming back and paying labor for new ones.
  4. Quote: We remember the issues with firestone and ford explores and air pressure. Wasn't this issue due to Ford's recommeded tire inflation for proper ride comfort rather than optimum fuel economy and tire wear? As I recall the tire failiures were due to internal friction due to underinflation. That was Ford's fault and Firestone took the fall. Little industry secret there. Since then the auto manufactures have made their inflation recommendations based on saftey, max tread wear, and max fuel economy.
  5. Should be Throttle Body Injection (often mistaken for a carb) on it. Don't be suprised if you pull the tank down and need to replace a chunk of the wiring harness as well as the sending unit and lock ring that holds the pump in place. The fuel filter should still be checked again as the sock on the fuel pump may be deteriorated enough that the fitler is restricted by rust again.
  6. Stay away from the seafoam if possible. It tends to lean out the fuel to air ratio a bit too much. If you switch the Amsoil or some other synthetic and it does not work you may need the idle jet opened up slightly. This requires taking the carb off and drilling it out. Something that should be left to a trained professional.
  7. Just about every auger I have ever fixed is loose in the auger shaft. I have never pulled one apart because the bushing on the bottom of the gear box was bad. The augers shaft itself is loose to start with and with loose it only gets looser on the gearbox shaft.
  8. The best thing about the 100:1 mixes is that you can use 1 fuel can for all you small 2 stroke engines. Another great thing is they have an incredible fuel stabilizer in them that is way more effective and potent than stabil or other additive. They also help prevent those trips to the small engine shop to get the carb cleaned and rebuilt.
  9. I have a 3 year old 2hp STX that I broke in on 100:1 when I bought it new and I have to pull it about three times with full choke when it is cold and it will start and die. Turn the choke to half and give it a tug and it will start and idle until warm everytime. The 2hp motors have a fixed jet and can not be adjusted. They are jetted to run lean due to emmisions standards that were put in place about 4 years ago. They do burn cleaner but they are very cold blooded. The reason I brought up the 100:1 mix is that there is no oil residue the engine has to drag along while trying to start when cold. Makes for easier starting.
  10. Shiners are very hard to get this time of year anyway due to the amount of ice on the ponds local trappers trap from. The ban on bringing shiners in from other states just bumped up the shortage earlier than normal.
  11. Is your tank broke, missing, or what's the issue?
  12. Probably a pitch issue like mentioned. If you buy blades, get new Strikemaster blades. The re-sharpened ones don't seem to work. If they do it's only for a short time and they get dull. Re-sharpened ones are not worth the money.
  13. Prepare to clean the carbs and I would strongly suggest replacing the fuel line while you are at it. Call it cheap security. Neighbor just got done with his carb job last night. Started it this morning, took it for a test ride, let it sit and idle for a moment, and the red hot carbon/rust pieces that were blowing out of the muffler hit the puddle of gas that had leaked on the ground from a bad fuel line and lit the thing on fire . He got the fire out, but now he is looking at a $600 bill to get the wiring fixed. His sled had been sitting for 4 years.
  14. Was he running 92 or higher octane fuel? There is still a reason that BOTH upstream O2 sensors were bad. Or was the intake leaking anti-freeze into the combustion chamber via a intake port? I think there is a underlying problem that has been missed. Have you taken time to run a boro-scope down a intake runner to check the condition of the intake runners or through a spark plug hole to look for carbon fouling in the combustion chamber? Something caused both to go bad at the same time. What was it?
  15. Piece of carbon stuck in the EGR valve holding it open slightly?
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