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  1. FishinBill


    What's your favorite size and color? Favorite way to rig them?
  2. FishinBill


    What's your favorite size and color? Favorite way to rig them?
  3. Where do you guys take your reels to get cleaned? I have 3 Pfleuger president baitcasters and I'd like to get them cleaned up and do preventative maintenance. Last time I tried to clean a baitcaster of mine I had to take it in somewhere to get their help to put it back together. I am not mechanically inclined to say the least! So...what do you do? and who do you know that may service pfleuger?
  4. FishinBill

    Tube Question

    What size tubes do most people use? 3"? 4"? 5"? would like to get into tubing more but before I go and spend money I am wondering what size I should get
  5. FishinBill

    Bulk Plastics

    Does Christopherson's have a web site?
  6. As to storage...I just bought a new house and the garage isn't heated. Should I bring my plastics inside to store for winter...ie so they don't freeze or should they be ok out there?
  7. FishinBill

    Bulk Plastics

    Just wondering where people buy their plastics in bulk? Would love to just go buy a bag or two of berkley power worms at 50-100 count. Or Some yammamoto baits in bulk...just can't seem to find anyone who sells that. Stamina seems to have some good plastics that they sell in bulk...anyone ever use any of these? Are they scented or salted? They offer pretty much every type of bass plastic so I was thinking of spending some cash there unless anyone knows where to get bulk namebrand plastics... Or maybe I am off base and should just go there?
  8. Love the FatRap! when that pattern is on...it is on! Rattle traps produce numbers all year round...cold water especially. subwarts are great for shallow water or when weed beds come up but don't break the surface. dives about a foot at the most.
  9. I have watched the OLN shark tourney trail. A friend of mine in cally is in it and took home the grandprize. He's sponsored by our company Town and Country Credit.....now if only I can get them to buy me a bass boat and start up on the tour! hmmmmmm
  10. heard a bit of a rumor....the week before the fish was caught, DNR shocked the lake and was weighing and measuring fish and they came across this beauty...then told Mark and he fished there for 5 days before he caught it. First thing I said was...hey he still had to catch it, it still had to bite....but a 250 acre lake is easy to fish compared to something like tonka....just a rumor I heard
  11. FishinBill

    Fall plastics

    What do you use? Bigger bulkier creature baits? regular texas rigged worms? Smaller finesse worms? Also, has anyone had success on those plastic frogs with thumber tails? Like the Sizmics? I have used them, but the fish I have caught have been using it almost like a senko where it sinks slowly....yet to actually catch one on topwater. Just curious what people use
  12. My wife got me a reel and had it spooled with toughline....I haven't had any problem with it. otherwise I switched from fireline to pp b/c it seems like the fireline product has gotten worse over the years...it frays more than ever now so I am done with it...never tried spider
  13. Just curious as to what you guys use in terms of plastic. Do you go more finesse with a worm or go with bigger like a creature bait. Or maybe more compact like a tube? Color wise, most of my fish have been coming on blue fleck type baits. The lake I fish was treated this year for the weeds and has wiped out a lot of cover so the fish have been spread out and deep...been a tough year but it is fun!
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