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  1. Search Ralph Plaisted on a search site! He created a great fly-in in northern Saskatchewan!
  2. Lardy, If you are still out there send me an email! Have information on a cheap fly-in camp with great northern fishing! danbrelje at yahoo dot com
  3. Was up north fishing the november full moon, water temp was down to 38-39. Only caught 2 walleyes the whole weekend, tried deeper, shallow 1.0-1.8 mph. On the other hand, I did land a 42" Muskie! My biggest fish to date! Easy way to make up for a slow weekend!
  4. Bigguyone, shoot me and email if you get the chance. Think i have something right up your alley! [email protected]
  5. http://www.hotspotoutdoors.com/forum/ubb...ect#Post1859128
  6. I am also in the market for new seats. I know that cheap ones have issues with the backs breaking and the hinges going bad. Does anyone have good experiences with the cheaper seats, wood or plastic? (39-59?)
  7. Custer State park is a great spot for camping. You can find campgrounds besides sylvan lake that are in beautiful areas, but close enough to all the tourist stuff. The spearfish area also has some fun things to do. As mentioned before, the fish hatchery is very neat. Also, there is a wildlife sanctuary and plenty of hiking in the area. The city of spearfish has a great campground, very nice and well kept up. Savoy, is a good spot to visit as well, hiking,fishing, and camping (Rod & Gun is very nice) Another cool spot away from the crowd would be Dalton Lake Campground. I would strongly suggest stopping by a forest service office to get maps and info on campgrounds! http://www.fs.fed.us/r2/blackhills/
  8. Hey guys, in the market for a wall mount heater and have a question. Already have decided on a 10,000 BTU ventless heater. Now trying to decide which to get, the procom ventless, or the buddy heater wall mount. The question i have is about the propane tank size. It says that the procom "should" be ran with a 100lb or larger tank, while the buddy heater has no such recommendation. Is it necessary to have the 100lb tank to use with the procom? Heater will be used for a wheel house so it will be cold when being used. Thanks for any input.
  9. im with you toughguy! that would be cool. If it were powerful enough to move you and the house you're pulling it would be even better!
  10. I second the Shimano 500's...any of them. Was at TB on black friday and checked out most of them in the store. Each of them seemed really nice. I walked out with a Tica just to see what the hype is all about. I have had success with shimana before and have a sedona for ice'n that works great.
  11. Go give em' all a whirl at a big store or the sports show. Thats what I did and I couldn't be happier with my decision. Things to think about when looking. -How will you be moving it, weight (walking, atv, vehicle?) -How much room is enough (how often will you be fishing solo, two?)
  12. #1, frabil M action. 6lb test w/ orange northland jig spoon. Minnow head #2, TB Sweet Thing, 2 lb test, spring bobber, custom jigs and spins ratso #10, white Tip-up with Shiner
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