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  1. Anyone fished lake Minitaki in Ontario? Going up with a group to Minitaki Lake Lodge in two weeks. Looking to pick someones brain about the lake and maybe the resort. Thanks
  2. Brand new Clam Yukon TC (thermal) portable fish house still in box. I also have runners and a cover for it. Asking $500. The house retails at $559.00 and the runners and cover are worth another $100. This is a sweet deal! 952-239-5876
  3. The jump seats in the back, bimini top, extra seat and there are other things I believe. I bought a Trophy 175 two years ago at the boat show. I went to the show dead set on a Dominator but when I looked at how much bigger and better the Trophy was compared to the Dominator, for small amount of money more, it was a clear choice to get the Trophy. If I were you, go with the 150 hp motor. I trusted the dealer that 115 was good enough and I am disappointed. Most of the dealers there were saying the 115 was big enough. It goes fast once on plane, but it is a dog with more than three adults to get on plane. BTW I have a 80lb Terrova and don't think I would go smaller.
  4. A guy at work just bought one less than a year ago and heater is not working, floor coming up and other issues. His was bought from a Yetti dealer that buys the shell and makes them himself. Nit sure if all are that way but beware. This was a bad job. Wiring was done with electrical cord and not real wiring to boot. I would keep researching and look at other brands.
  5. A shot from the bear stand this year.
  6. Call them and have a tech come out. If you haven't had any service calls in the last year they should do it for free. I had a new roof put on last fall and they did it for me for free after the roofers were done. It is all on satellites and the position if very picky. They have a computer deal to do it quick.
  7. Seems to me the DNR is trying to get the best all options. They are not closing deer hunting, they are restricting many more zones this year and have the antler point restrictions in the SE zone as well. The next step I could see would be a less restrictive antler restriction for the whole state (like 3 points on one side instead of 4) and lottery the heck out of most of the state for a year or two. An argument to that would be the confusion caused by more rules, with already confusing regulations at times. But then again when has the state ever made anything easy and clear cut? I think I could handle something like that for a year of two.
  8. The bet was with the wife and sorry but I can't/won't share what I won!!! Hint: It wasn't beer!
  9. Well good to know. Thanks that wins me a bet!
  10. Got a couple bear pix on my deer cameras. Was finally able to get up to bait yesterday and going to hunt next week. Are any of these possibilities to shoot? I believe the first is a cub so obviously not a shooter. This is my first year bear hunting. Hopefully they are survived the first week.
  11. Hear are a couple bucks, the first has an interesting rack.
  12. 39' Salem PT 392FLFB-42' including hitch. Full of features including two power slide outs, day/night shades, electric fireplace, full size refrigerator, microwave/vent combo, glass shower enclosure with skylight, 10 gallon electric water heater, CD stereo system, two ceiling fans, 15,000 BTU central duct air conditioning, awning, and Max air flow vent covers. Queen size bed in bedroom, hide a bed sofa in living room. Delivered new to Crow Wing Lake Campground and currently located at that location. $19,900 / BO Extended warranty, Deck and Storage shed also available at additional cost. Call 612-221-8081 Location: Crow Wing Lake-Brainerd Also possibly able to keep the camper on the seasonal site it is located on. Campground is very clean and well run.
  13. Seems that it should be good with that many bear taken in the same year, actually same day! We are gonna give'r heck and hope we can get one or two if we are lucky! Thanks for the info guys.
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