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  1. Anyone hear anything about the proposed changes in hunting in the NWR? I haven't received any notifications of public hearings, so I'm guessing the idea died?
  2. I went to MN DVS today. They looked up my trailer. It does not have a title. It does have a lifetime registration, which is simply the sticker on the trailer. There is no paperwork. They suggested to have the out-of-state DVS look at something called a "Polk Book" which has the rules of all the states and their requirements as far as registration, titles, etc. Other than that, there isn't really much they can do to create more paperwork for my buyer...
  3. Ok, so I sold my boat (and trailer) and am trying to get the paperwork together for the buyer. I have a question regarding the trailer. I purchased the boat new in MN, and I got a "permanent registration" sticker for the trailer. Is that all the paperwork I have for the trailer? I know I don't have a title for it, but is there no paper to go along with the "permanent registration" sticker? So I guess I just make up a bill of sale for the buyer and include both the boat and the trailer?
  4. The bill in the House has been passed by the committee and is now included in the omnibus Fish and Game bill. The bill in the Senate is still in committee. The committee is scheduled to meet tomorrow. Since the Chair and Vice-Chair of the committee are two of the four sponsors, I would say it is likely to be approved and added into the Senate's Fish and Game bill.
  5. Lake Wasserman in Victoria is completely infested. Looks like river rapids in the spring with all the carp frothing at the top of the water...
  6. So Buzzsaw do you have an enclosure or something for your camera for when you go duck hunting? Or do you just stay a lot dryer when you duck hunt than I do? I'm too chicken to take my little digital camera on the water when I go duck hunting- can't imagine taking a setup like that!
  7. Last year I saw the DNR canoe chained up in the woods on the south shore. But this year I never saw it. Perhaps it was out there earlier in the year. Lets face it, they could close hunting in Rice Lake, and all the idiots there will just go elsewhere and skybust or otherwise break the law. I'd just as soon these individuals be culled from the herd and not have to worry about them ruining my hunting experience elsewhere in MN. Since there seems to be such a high concentration at Rice Lake, I think that would be a good place to start.
  8. Buzzsaw: You must have a heck of nice camera and lens to get close-ups like that! What is your setup?
  9. Quote: ya we have a trailer and it's so full that we can't even put our blinds in it. also we have 2 dozen hardcores that we have but they were the first one so they junk. the paint is peeling but the new ones are better. as for the green head gear we have sloted bags for them and we haven't had any problem with them yet. the only thing that we have had a problem with is they shorted us with our sleeper heads we are missing 2 heads for the 2 dozen we have. we always like to mix up the big foots and the green head gear ones. it just looks great. I'd love to see a photo of a spread of 350 of these!!
  10. Ok, so we can't post a CO everywhere all season long, but we can post someone at the entrance gate to check for permits all season long? Something doesn't add up here... And I know skybusting isn't against the law, but shooting 20 minutes after sunset is. And some of these post-sunset shots were coming right under the 169 bridge, so a CO wouldn't have even have to get their feet wet! Mandating that only 4 or whatever people can be out there at a time isn't going to change anything other than limit access to the resource. If they want to stop the breaking of the laws, then they have to enforce the ones that are written! If you're going to enforce the laws, seems like a good place to start would be where: 1. there is a large concentration of hunters 2. lots of rules are being broken 3. easy access for law enforcement in a small area
  11. At the risk of stirring it up, I'm going to post my two cents regarding Rice Lake. It's been two weeks since the end of the duck season, and I've contemplated what to say since I watched the season end on the shore of Rice Lake. There was a big crowd down there on the last afternoon. There was a lot of skybusting going on again, including several volleys fired at flocks of SWANS that happened by. (None were hit due to them being 1/2 mile up.) After watching a couple of geese get crippled and end up unretrieved, the sun finally set on the day and the season. Then I observed at least a dozen more shots fired after shooting hours, including some 20 minutes after sunset. So I don't know what to make of this idea of more rules regarding Rice Lake. How about we just enforce the rules that already exist??? I mean, I read all the reports of the DNR flying airplanes and helicopters and spending who knows how much to catch deer baiting all over the countryside. Yet here in the metro area you have a relatively small area that could be better enforced while spending much less. I hunted Rice Lake a little more than half a dozen times this year. Not once did I see a DNR CO or any NWR folks. I called the phone number on the sign at the launch to get more information about the special rules for next year. The lady I talked to said that the proposed rules are still in the works, and once they are done they will hold a public hearing to discuss them. She took down my phone # and email address, and once they have a date for the public hearing, they'll notify interested folks. If you want to get on the list, call them at 952-854-5900. Again, how about we enforce the rules already in the books before we make new ones?
  12. Ok, so here's my dumb question.. If the last day of waterfowl season is 11/28 does that mean you can hunt all day on the 28th? Or does it mean you can hunt on the 27th, but not the 28th?
  13. After seeing the signs posted regarding the 2007 season I went to the NWR web site to see if they had any info on what's going on. There was nothing posted there. So I sent an email asking for some information. I received an automated response that someone would contact me, but I have not received any emails.
  14. So how about the Louisville Swamp unit? 15 minute drive down the road. Does anyone hunt down there? Is it as pressured as Rice Lake? Is the new lottery going to apply there too?
  15. Speaking of the refuge- does anyone have any experience hunting the Louisville swamp unit down by Jordan? I went down there last weekend- looks... interesting...
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