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  1. Not quite so simple if you're looking for the action of the DHJ vs. the standard, not necessarily the depth. Wish they would make the DHJ's with the same chrome type finishes that they make in the standards (especially the clown and tennesee shad colors).
  2. Been using one on my 150 opti for 3 years and have no complaints, like fasternu mentioned, you never have to worry about where it is, don't have to go put it in the truck, and I think it does just fine holding the motor. The steering stops they sell are nice too (I made my own becuase I didn't know I could buy them) but it's nice to know your motor isn't bouncing side to side when you're cruising down the road.
  3. I think he's referring to the color running; which I've seen in pretty much every heavy braided line that I've run (especially my stren superbraid). I've got the stren on 4 rigs now (and don't plan on pulling it), but going to give the 832 a shot on my new winch. I've been using it on my walleye jigging setup and really like it there, so hoping I'll like the 80 as well. I'm looking forward to the line not picking up so much water.
  4. I too got bored with the standard fried walleye, and decided this year to try some new methods. The fish cakes and scampi already mentioned were 2 of them, and both were great and will be part of the "arsenal" in the future, but my favorite this year (and a favorite among the people I cooked for this year) was grilled similar to how I grill salmon. It goes like this: get grill ready (used both charcoal and gas, and both were good) place walleye fillets on foil (spray with Pam) season lightly with salt/pepper and a few small pats of butter (as sacreligous as it sounds, don't overdo the butter) sprinkle with FRESH dill slice lemons about 1/4" thick slices and cover fillets grill until fish begins to flake some grilled asparagus is a great side
  5. Another vote for the down east salties. Have used ram and scotties in the past, but none compare to the strength of the down east. You just rotate them around the rails to set your angle down to put the tips in the water, or up high if you're running boards. The only down side (other than price) is that some reels (large diameter w/ narrow bodies) don't like to sit down in them quite as nice, but most muskie reels fit just fine.
  6. I did pay the extra $2, that's why I said that I paid for it and didn't get it, and I would think that 3 months would be a reasonable amount of time, but who knows.
  7. I couldn't tell you, as I paid for the stamp and have never received it, so I won't be buying any more in the future.
  8. You'll love the JT blades, they're the only ones I use now. Great quality tackle, from a great guy. JT also paints blades for Big Eye tackle, with different color variations from what JT sells (you can buy the Big Eye blades at most Fleet Farm stores, or direct). As far as the snell knots, just like previously mentioned, do a search for the animated tying sites, and you'll pick it up in no time.
  9. Walleyes will have no problem eating #6 blades. I was just in Green Bay last week and we caught walleyes from 16"-28" on #6 & 7 colorado's as well as big willows (can't remember the size, but at least 2" long). I know of guys using up to #10 colorado blades on Erie. We used 6-8mm beads with the larger blades, so your 6mm would work great for those blades.
  10. What the h.e. double hockey sticks does that have to do with a hockey thread? Is that really the best you can come up with? It sounds like my neighbor kids, which would go well with all your whining about the officiating. You could have at least told him your dad could beat up his dad.
  11. I picked some up the other day because I liked the color and the price, but they do not have the weight/sink of a senko. I'll still use them w/ weights etc., but for weightless, I haven't found anything better than a senko.
  12. You'll still want to use a swivel as always, you just put the bobber-stop/sinker above your swivel. The swivel will cause some sinking/sagging in your leader, so I like to use the smallest swivels that I can. This is a great way to adjust leader length w/o re-tying.
  13. I have been using the trigger-x for the past couple of years and love it (other than the old/original foil packaging as mentioned above). I used both the leeches and grubs quite a bit last year, and both worked very well. In a very unscientific test with my dad last year, I would say it performed equal to gulp (regular), but I found the trigger-x to be more durable. I used the new minnows quite a bit on the rainy this spring, and again had very good success. One day when the ice first went off the river and the bite was very tough, the white trigger-x minnow was the only thing I was able to put fish in the boat with. When the bite was going good toward the end of the season we had one day where the trigger-x outfished live bait by a 3 or 4 to 1 margin (but the big fish had a preference for live bait). The next day was completely opposite. It isn't a magic bait, but it will continue to have a place in my tackle box (or more importantly, the end of my line).
  14. Ovechkin did get suspended twice this year (deservedly so), one of which was from this exact same type of hit, against chicago no less and was based on past history according to Campbell. From what I've seen, it has less to do with star players, and more to do w/ which teams the NHL wants to see advance in the playoffs (look at all the junk that the penguins get away with, especially Cooke, or Gonchar against the Wild). Chicago going far into the playoffs will help the NHL get more viewers than Nashville would, hence you will see them get the favorable calls etc. This is the biggest reason that I've almost completely given up watching NHL hockey. It's the same garbage every year.
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