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  1. I did it to my current trailer. Trailer is size that could fit longer boat if needed so there was way too much extra tounge. It has a normal coupler (no surge breaks or anything) so I just un-bolted it, cut the tounge down, drilled new holes and rebolted it back on. Simple as that. Now if you need to hack it way down to where it is unable to maintain one piece and comfortably reach you vehicle, then your only choice is swing tounge or removable.
  2. Sorry about the late report, but here it is. Fished on Teal Saturday through noon on Monday. Water was 52 when we started and by the time we left had reached 55. Found fish, all species, shallow in new weeds. 7 to 8 feet found smaller walleyes in the 12" to 14" range and the larger 15" to 17" walleyes were in 5ft of water. Caught plenty of pike, perch and a few large crappie mixed in all on the same bait. Fathead under a bobber, or Gulp! 3" curly tail grub pulled through the weeds. We got our limit easily for three guys. Then again Teal is 2 fish a day, total 4 possssion, but there were many many fish released. It was a good weekend.
  3. Mega Gills! I can't imagine how those must have felt coming through the ice. I agree. I nabbed 4 gills between 10.25 and 11" one day and just had to keep them for a mount. Nicest piece of art I will ever have in my home!
  4. I will be fishing Teal and Lost Land for opener. Hopefully I can muster up a decent report.
  5. We didn't get the 3/4" rain predicted my way way, but it must have been enough. I went out around 1:00am for what must have been an hour and a half. Found a few here and there until I came across "the spot". It was a hill side with short grass and some bare spots. I ended up with a bit over 12 dozen. Any thoughts on whether or not 2 lbs. of frabil magic grow worm bedding is enough to support this many? After this weekend the numbers in there will hopefully be decreasing dramatically .
  6. Hey Craigums, No need to be embarrased. It wasn't long ago that I was in my 12' 1960's Alumacraft with a '70's 9.9 Evinrude. I made my modifications to it, ripped out the benches and put in a plywood carpedted floor and two pedestal seats. I still have it at my parents house! I will tell you when I got over the embarressed feeling. I was fishing the big Metro Muskie Tournament in I think 2001 or 2002. I was on Bald Eagle and I landed my biggest muskie at the time and almost to date at 46"s. The part about it for me was when I had to flag down another boat for witness measure and signature. The closest boat to me was a brand new Ranger Comanche something with a huge Evinrude hanging on the back. After getting my fish in a hand me down 12'er verified by the people in that $40k boat and me placing in the top 10 that day put the embarresed feeling out the door. Be proud in having a boat, any boat!
  7. You should be just fine with that power. I pull my 17' fiberglass walleye boat (probably 2500+# with everything) with a '01 Chevy Blazer. 4.3L Vortec V6 185hp. Not even close to the ideal towing vehicle for this, but it does it and not too bad. Sucks the gas for sure though. That being said 90% of my trailering is within an hour of my home. If you make frequent long runs then you may find out what is best for you, but I would atleast give the Trailblazer a shot. It won't be as bad as you anticipate. I have seen a Trailblazer pulling a Ranger 620VS. And like mentioned above most vehicles will pull loads heavier than you might think, but the response and handling is what the attention needs to be on. I say get the boat.
  8. Price comes out to be real close to buying the equivalent amount of bags. Stick with the bags until you know if you are going to go use it that much. I do believe they changed the lids. I have a bucket from two years ago and one from last year and no problem with the newer one.
  9. For the most part I will use Gulp! over live bait and have good results. But after trial and error over the last few years there are times where I will always have live bait with me from now on. 1) When fishing vertical with minimal to no jig or boat movement because of negative fish I have better results on live minnows. 2)Lindy rigging crawlers or leeches I will use the real thing. I have had success rigging with Gulp! crawlers, but that was in current moving fairly swift getting bit mostly out of reaction. 3) I will have live bait with me when I have other people in my boat. Fishing strictly Gulp! takes confidence and under some conditions a certain degree of skill for it to work and sometimes ends up in limited fish in the boat. Overall Gulp! shines for me and is truly an amazing product. The presentation where Gulp! is huge for me is pulling spinner crawler combos in waters where there are annoying bait pickers like sheephead and little perch. The Gulp! is tough.
  10. I am not sure if it is the same stuff, but am guessing it would not ruin your Gulp!s if you stored them in it. But, again, I am just guessing. Contact Berkley, they should be able to give you the official ruling.
  11. I have not tried the swim baits yet, but I have used K Grubs alot on the Mississippi and, like mentioned above, they are big and they work. But like any big bait, there is a time and place. I think even more so with those swim baits since they need to be fished a fairly rapid pace to get the desired action compared to big curly tail grub which does not take much to get the tail going. So with the swim baits not only do the fish need to be willing to take on that size food, but also need to be aggressive enough to react to the speed it is being fished. Again, I have not personally used them, but those are the observations I have made reading about them and seeing them on fishing shows.
  12. I also have a Yacht Club trailer. My trailer is quite a bit newer than yours, but I would give Yacht Club a call and see if the bunk guide-ons they sell after market would work on older trailers still. I ordered a pair after I bought my boat/trailer. They mounted using holes that were already pre drilled in the trailer frame by Yacht Club. Your trailer may or may not have those bolt holes. They were not any more expensive than getting a universally fitting pair from a store, and they obviously look like they belong on that trailer. Try this link If you browse through their online catalog to the accessories page, you can see what they look like.
  13. It was nice to meet everyone and share some info and eat some good food! I had some action right way when we set up, then nothing so I went looking up north at some spots. Upon my return sausageman spills the beans to me on his hot spot just in time for me to punch a couple of holes and catch the one slab he left down there . He sure had it figured out with those eurolarve. Not sure how the crappies found that spec of a presentation in all that water I returned to my spot down south on Sunday for a bit and gave that approach a try. Well, modified a little since I didn't have spikes. I used a single Gulp! waxie threaded onto a size 14 Diamond Jig. Funny thing is that it turned out to be a walleye magnet!?!? 3 eyes over 15" ha! who woulda thunk? I think at next years GTG sausageman should give a seminar before we head out. Nice slab there DonBo!
  14. DonBo, I probably should make my way back up north on the river for the day to try some new spots and put some names with faces. Count me in. I would be happy to bring a couple different cases of pop if needed?
  15. Nice eyes everybody! I am going to go back in time a little this year since I have not been on the site in some time. Here are my two biggest of the year and happen to be all time. Mississippi Pool 2. 28"er from September... July, all time personal best, first and only eye so far to hit 30"...
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