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  1. I have a 99 Alumacraft Tourney Pro and the aft livewell seems to empty out. The previous (original) owner told me that the cable and pull handle had already been changed out. I received no owner's manuals with this boat and really have no idea as to how the cables/livewells close off. It's almost as if the handle does not fully close off how it should when it is pushed in (pull to empty). First off, can someone explain briefly how the livewells are closed off and secondly, a recommended fix. I have looked through the access cover, which is not much access, and can not tell how things are supposed to work. I am a bit perplexed and would appreciate any insight.
  2. Lubey, the Big "C" store has them - I believe the "gold" series. I've looked at them specifically because of my spinning reels are a left hand retrieve and I could never figure out why so many people used a left hand retrieve for spinning but a right hand for baitcasting.
  3. Hooked, wonderful news your girl is doing well! Hug her close and enjoy the hunt. If not hunting, I'm sure she's still showered with love. Ken, I do appreciate the response back. I wrote that yesterday from work in the am due to the fact that Jack was going downhill fast. Everything started last Sat. morning as we realized he hadn,t eaten for two days. He spent all weekend at emergency care and the initial IV's seemed to help. They put him on Prednizone Mon am and that was to help stimulate his appetite as well as hopefully help his condition to stabilize. He was in again Tues for IV and the vets ordered up the first injection to take which was to happen on Mon 10/8. In the meantime, He was to take the pill form (5 a day) and did that for the past two days. Long story short, still no appetite, no food in him, [PoorWordUsage]ing soup since Sunday, massive weight loss (89 lbs down to 72), was not responding to the steroids, system went critical and unfortunately Ringer's Captain Jack was released from earthly bonds on Thursday 10/04/07/ 2:24pm. Still trying to grasp he's gone and can't quite cope. My youngest daughter just passed her Hunter's Safety this past spring and it was a given her first bird shot was going to be over Jack. I miss the cliks of nails on the floor. Love this site and the people on it. I don't post much but have come to really appreciate those who are on here.
  4. Ken, I've been lurking on the FM forums for going on 4 years or so. My dog (6 1/2 year old Chocolate) has been diagnosed with Addison's this week. You have been a knowledgeable source for a lot of things Labrador and I would really like to talk to someone about this affliction and outcome. Here in Fargo (I live in Moorhead), we have found absolutely no cocrete information as to the possible quality of life my dog will be subjected to during the treatment of Addison's. If you would have the time and could call I would so appreciate it. My number is Home - 218-233-1819. Please feel free to call collect. Chris
  5. High Banks resort on the east side of Winnie is top notch. Rick and Kim will do all they can to help you have a great vacation. Kim usually has activities lined up for the kids and the panfishing in the Cutfoot lakes as well as the perch and walleyes on Winnie.....say no more.
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