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  1. RedDB76

    Flicker Shads

    I like them for walleye - and have picked up northern and even a musky on them. I have a lot of confidence with them since I am not afraid to lose them, such as fishing the rocks or snags. It doesnt hurt much to lose a $3 flicker shad - losing a $7 rapala stings a but.
  2. Fun, inexpensive little guns. For some reason, I don't see too many at gun shops - perhaps they are so inexpensive that the shops dont make money on them? They are heavy for their size, but function well. Google "hi point 380" and you can read all about them. Lifetime warranty on an inexpensive, reliable gun - cant be beat!
  3. On a hot bite, I love my Gulp. I agree with others that it is great for Canada or similar situations, but I don't have a lot of confidence using it in pressured lakes for walleyes. I prefer Gulp (or Powerbait) grubs and minnows for pannies to live bait.
  4. Thanks, I will check it tonight.
  5. I should say that I believe my leaks on my Gander H20 are due to washing/drying. Mine is camo and I use it frequently during bow season. Trying to be scent free and washing it several times during the hunting season probably hurts it.
  6. Thanks guys. I will check those places jeffreyd - I didnt want to tear it apart without having a plan to get it back together. Not the right time of year to be without a boat! marine man - where is the manual bypass screw? I did not run across that in my manual or things that I checked.
  7. I have a 1986 90hp Merc that I believe has a small leak in the tilt cylinder. The motor will slowly (imperceptible actually) lower itself. I've topped off the fluid and searched up and down for repair kits or procedures. I'm coming up with nothing though. I figure I could pull the tilt/trim assembly off and take it into a hydraulic place to fix, but now that the season is upon us, and I have wasted the last month or so piddling around with it, that doesnt seem like a good option. I know I could also put a new tilt/trim assembly on as well, but that is too expensive. Anyone have any advice/experience? I can't find repair kits for the hydraulic cylinder. Can anyone recommend a hydraulic shop in the cities that I can take it to when I'm willing to be without my boat for a while? It isnt a big issue, more of an annoyance. It has been this way since I have had the boat (5 years now) and hasnt gotten worse. My worry is that it will get worse, and then I'll be hosed. Thanks in advance, Dan
  8. I have had Gander H20 for 4 years now. Sprung a leak in year 3, but was great before then. I will spend more and go with something better next time. For now I have some oddball discount jackets that get me by, and have tried re-treating the GM parka - not sure it will work.
  9. What Targets are these at? I was at the Blaine store yesterday, I think they had a replacement globe and a tent fan on clearance. Lanterns and cookstoves weren't marked down.
  10. I also used Captain Rick's last year. Nice people, but I don't know that the captain had a lot of trolling strategy other tan "drive the boat through up and down the coast" - but maybe that is what they do. We ended up with a barracuda and a king mackerel, both off of the downrigger. They only had 1 downrigger, everything else was at the top - which with the rough water didnt work so well. Trolled the entire day - I asked about bottom fishing, but it was way too rough that day for them to consider it. It was so rough that they kept asking if we wanted to go in. Thank God I don't get seasick, and my wife took dramamine. I would have been pretty upset to lose a day of fishing I had been looking forward to for so long.
  11. I'll second the braided line - I also add a mono or fluorocarbon leader. Mono has too much memory. I'm sure superline works good - as long as you wear gloves when you are fighting a fish.
  12. Speed will only matter if you are using weight to get your crank down (e.g. snap weights, lead core, bottom bouncer). For a diving crank bait your biggest variables are line type (diameter and bouyancy) and amount of line out. For getting down that deep, I would be using a braided line. I don't have the dive charts in front of me - but I know they really flatten out after 100 feet. 200 feet is a LOOOONG way - at least for countour trolling - for open water trolling its no problem. The best way is to test it out - go to a flat that is, say 25 feet deep and start letting out line. Engage the reel, and when you feel it ticking off the bottom, you can measure how much line you put out (hopefully with a linecounter!). Then move deeper and try again.
  13. I'd like to plan a bachelor party ice fishing trip in early December. Although we'd love to stay in a sleeper, I'm thinking that is kind of early for a sleeper, unless it is on a small lake. In any case, we know we will probably be going far north, and probably be on smaller waters. Anyone have any recommendations on a lake/resort thats good for early season? Walleye, northern, crappie - they all work for us. Thanks!
  14. Ditto with the ironing board! It is slick - and when you put it all the way up, it is a perfect height for us taller guys. Works well to throw in the truck for cleaning fish at a campground, boat launch, or any other place that doesn't have a fish cleaning station. My garage is heated - so the garage works well in the winter too!
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