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  1. SlaPPy

    Badgers = Boring!!!!!

    Quote: Again, hats off to your talentless club. So the #1 team just got there by being a "talentless club"? I don't know but i think you need talent to sweep the gophs 4-3 then 4-0 i think.
  2. SlaPPy


    didnt see the game but how did them vikes do?? ..
  3. SlaPPy

    Ripley Hunt???

    im in the same boat you are, i got in the 2nd week too and have no idea what its going to be like. But it is only like a 5 min drive from my house and im hopeing its as good as its talked up to be
  4. i picked up one from briley and it isnt bad for $30.00
  5. SlaPPy

    night bowfishing

    who cares, shooting fish is fun even if they just sit there
  6. SlaPPy

    First Carp!!!

    just shot my first Buffalo today.man was I happy but then it started to rain
  7. SlaPPy

    First Carp!!!

    i also did good this week.we shot 15-16 carp in one day and a few over 25lbs and one over 30lbs but the next day there is not a carp to be seen, but thats fishing
  8. SlaPPy


    carp are being dumb for me too, one day ill see 20-30 and the next day none but got a 35lb the other day so i guess it is not to bad
  9. SlaPPy

    First Carp!!!

    try a bow. can't ever get tired of that
  10. SlaPPy

    Leaders and walleyes

    when i troll cranks i put on a 2 ft peace of fire-line at the end of it so if i do run into a pike i dont lose my nice spendy cranks
  11. SlaPPy

    Ice Auger for post hole digger

    well i guess my old jiffy digs a nice hole in the ground because my dad told me that i sould change the blade on it after ice went out because he had dug some holes with it last summer and didnt tell me.
  12. SlaPPy

    bow fishing

    my freind uses a recurve and i have shot fish with it but i like the compound better . get a roller rest they are like $10
  13. SlaPPy

    lure losing Northerns

    Fire Line works nice for me
  14. SlaPPy


    went out right after school only got one 15 lbs and saw like 20-25 carp shooting out from every place i could see, then i had to go to work at 3:30 went back out the next day and i saw nothing but o well
  15. SlaPPy

    The Quest of Openers

    i didnt do as well as that but we got a nice 27" eye (only fish of the day)but at least it was a good one