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  1. I have an '04 1750 SC and got the same recall letter in the mail. I have yet to contact my dealer though. I have no storage space to trade for any foam! I also have some sagging in the rear compartment doors from standing on them. I was thinking of trying to better support them somehow this winter.
  2. Wow - you can't beat that reply. Thanks MM.
  3. Anyone have experience adjusting a tilt/trim gauge so it reads correctly again? When my motor is all the way down the gauge reads only half-down... Just kind of an annoyance more than anything. '05 Crestliner Fishhawk 1750 w/ Yamaha F90 Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.
  4. Why don't you cry about it Brad!
  5. Last summer I was watching my 3 yr old reel in a little bass himself when the pole was almost ripped from his hands. I helped him out and got a nice picture... My son was mad that the mean old northern stole his bass.
  6. I've had a fine experience with St Croix. I own 3 open water rods and two ice fishing rods. Customer service has been awesome in the one instance I dealt with them. I will buy more.
  7. Great topic. I have a wonderful Viszla that was just diagnosed with lymphoma unfortunately . So, I have been forced to think about what's next. I'm not sure I could get another Viszla because none could be as cool as mine now. I have young kids, hunt grouse a little, hunt pheasants a little and fish a lot. So the dog will mostly be a family pet, ride in the front of my boat and occasionally be asked to find me a bird or two... Any suggestions for me to look into? GSP is already on that list.
  8. Where did you pick up the 12v accessory plug-in socket deal? That sounds like a real good idea to install with my lights.
  9. Check out the 12V utility strip LED lights at Cabelas.com. Cabelas LED lights I put four of them in my boat and just ordered four more and a battery for the FishTrap. I think they will fit perfectly on the aluminum poles. Each one contains 6 LED's too.
  10. Not my story but... Setterguy's father was fishing on Mille Lacs this past weekend with his brother. The brother hooked into something he though was nice fish but he wasn't sure if it was pulling back or not. Got it to the boat and pulled in a G Loomis rod with a nice reel. On the Loomis was a nice walleye! Are you kidding me?
  11. I kept a couple dozen crappie minnows alive for three plus weeks on Coon Rapids water so that last statement was a little extreme IMO. Maybe I had some Ironman minnows or CR uses less chemicals. If that's the case, you can also get dechlorinization drops from the pet store for treating city water. I use them for my kid's goldfish.
  12. I bought the Crestliner Fishhawk simply because I got more boat for my money than with a Lund or Alumacraft. I couldn't be happier either. No complaints yet on the Crestliner product at all. No worries on the welded hull either. It comes with a lifetime warranty. All three companies make great boats and I would take any one of them. Go play around in all of them and you can decide which is better for you.
  13. Gander Mountain makes an aluminum body Guide Series baitcaster for about $60 I think. I picked one up and it is very nice. Not as smooth as my Curado but for the money I am impressed.
  14. Brand new boat last year-third time out by myself. I pull into the Turtle Lake launch and see one available parking spot and nobody waiting. Perfect. I back up to the edge of the water and hop out to remove the straps and put the plug in. A guy and his wife come racing down and see that I am alone. They decide they can beat me to the parking spot. He cranks it in reverse and his wife jumps out and starts releasing the straps on the fly. I decide no way I can beat them so I calmly walk up to him and tell him common courtesy says its my spot because I arrived first. He says, "F-you, I don't see your name on the spot" and continues to take my spot. I had to leave the lake. If I had a knife I would have slashed every one of his tires including the trailer. It was simply amazing behavior.
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