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  1. Great shots Ken. Can't wait to get back up there.
  2. There is a place in South Mpls called "Saving Tape" that my company has used before. Dave
  3. Ken, really like the photos. I assume we are looking at Birch, but can you tell me the general direction that the photo was taken? Are we looking at say Finn bay? Dave
  4. Nice shots Finn, I specially like the second pic with the berries in the foreground. Are you using something like a 400mm lens to get those pics? Dave
  5. Great photos! I have good friends that have a cabin on Finn. I was wondering if you sell these pics? Dave
  6. Glad to hear you found a boat. Thanks for the compliment. I really do think this is a very good deal. I just don't have the time to get out on the lake right now and when I do, I go up to my buddies cabin and use the boat up there. I have a couple people coming over to look at the boat this week. I'm sure I'll find a new home for it.
  7. Frenzy, I'll keep that in mind. I've also listed the package on hsolist here in Mpls and have received quite a few inquiries already. Dave
  8. Actually I think the boat is just over 12ft. I'll have to measure it. At this point I would really like to sell the entire package instead of breaking them up. If by next week it still hasn't sold I will consider selling individually. Dave
  9. Brian Yes, that would be fine. I'm home about 4:15 every day so whenever you would like to come out and take a look would be fine. Dave
  10. Thanks for the info Sandmannd, yes that is about what it is to license the boat. The boat is not licensed. The boat is ready for the water, no leaks or holes. Just the one for the drain. Can't tell you how much it weighs but it can't be that much. Easy on and off the trailer. Forgot to mention that I also have straps for the boat. After looking in hsolist I think I have found the maker of the boat. It looks to be a Sears model. Someone is selling a 1971 that looks exactly like this one. Tell me what you think. Item # 150021659993 Dave
  11. Thank you. I used a paint that I found at West Marine. It's got a little bit of sand in the paint to make it non-skid. Thanks again, hope I hear from him. I did forget to list that the boat and trailer will need to be licensed. I have the title for the trailer, the boat does not have one being it's older and under 14'.
  12. I have for sale a 1959 12' aluminum fishing boat. It comes with a 1972 Johnson "50th Anniv. eedition" 6hp motor and a 1999 Spartan Sport trailer. THE BOAT I replaced the motor mounts and repainted the interior with non-skid paint from front to back. There are 2 clamp on captain chairs and a 3 rod holder. THE TRAILER The trailer is a 1999 Spartan Sport with a 2" hitch and a 3rd wheel in front. The trailer has very few miles on it. THE MOTOR The motor is a 1972 Johnson 6hp "50th anniversary edition" short shaft. New plugs this spring. The shift lever has been replaced with and aluminum lever at some time. Does not affect the motor in any way. You will need a new fuel line to the gas tank as the old one was a little leaky. I also will throw in a 3.3 gallon plastic gas tank, canvas cover with bag, minnow bucket, and an smaller anchor with rope... not attached yet. I am located in Hopkins, MN and so is the boat. Asking $650 Dave Pics can be emailed or found here. http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m221/firetiger03/
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