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  1. hangbellyrules

    High School Hockey

    I'm from White Bear Lake......Word to the wise....We always find a way to blow it!!!!!!! I am rooting for them though.
  2. hangbellyrules

    Honda 450 ES

    Try rocking the wheeler back and forth. My dad has two Ranchers with ES and if you rock back and forth while standing up it will shift. This only happens while stopped. I wouldn't recomend rocking back and forth while moving. LOL.......
  3. hangbellyrules

    What kind of 4-Wheeler

    You can't beat the Honda Rancher 350 for the price.
  4. hangbellyrules

    05 Polaris 500 Classic-Head Light problem

    I'll second that. It is not right. Take it to another.
  5. hangbellyrules

    Lake Despair - Devlin Ontario????

    Thanks Basscatcher. We'll be sticking to Despair this year. What was the resort that you guys stay at?
  6. hangbellyrules

    Snowmobile -or- Snowmachine?

    Did anyone catch the episode of Modern Marvles on the History channel last night? I only caught the info on the show. It was about many things including "snowmoibles and snow cats".
  7. hangbellyrules


    I would agree that the odds would be in favor of it being someone local that stole it. Most sled that are stolen are stolen just for a joy ride.
  8. hangbellyrules

    More Pics

    A few years ago, I think I shot at that one duck in the first picture. I can still see him laughing........
  9. hangbellyrules

    NHL Season in Jeopardy

    I do and don't. Some (only some) of the teams that are in the worst financial situation are the great hockey towns. It would be a crime to take hockey out of say Edmonton.
  10. Has anyone been to lake despair? It's in Devlin Ontario. I'll be heading up there in late May and staying at Lake Despair Lodge. Any comments or info would be greatly appreciated. Looking for any advice on where to go or even what to see.......
  11. hangbellyrules

    Mr. Heater

    Home Depot in Forest Lake had some "knock off" Mr. Heaters on clearance. They were going for $20. I bought one. They aren't as nice as a Mr. Heater, but for $20 I figured it was a deal........I've been happy with it so far.