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  1. Have caught many pike using a Zoom Super Fluke in 5 or 7 inch size - white. Rigged weightless with a widegap hook. This year caught a boatload using 5 to 7 inch swimbaits. This actually proved to be the most productive lure we used.
  2. Another vote for Buzzbait. I use an in-line white with red made by Mikey's Tacklebox. Have had great results and love the anticipation with every cast.
  3. There are a group of us (3 to 5 boats) that travel from Nashville, TN to Rainy Lake the last week of June each year. We leave on Friday morning and spend that night in Eau Claire, before getting up Saturday morning and driving north to cross the border at International Falls. After seeing several fishing shows featuring Smallmouth fishing in northern Wisconsin (during the catch and release season) we are considering stopping for a day or two to try our hand at some of the awsome fishing you seem to have. We are all fairly experience Southern Bass fishermen and love to catch Smallmouth. What I am looking for is some suggestions on good (great?) Smallmouth lakes along highway 53 that we might try. If I need to post this on a different portion of the Wisconsin forum, please let me know. Thanks to everyone in advance for any suggestions.
  4. We fish Rainy Lake around the end of June each year and have good luck using Zoom Super Flukes (white) along weed beds and actually in the weeds. Usually fish them without a weight using a wide gap 4/0 or 5/0 hook. Zoom has come out with a Magnum size (7") this year and will try it in about 45 days. A good technique that works for us is to have a rod with a fluke tied on handy. If using a top water and the Pike misses . . . just pitch the fluke in the area and you usually get a hit.
  5. My wife had a cousin that made a wicked crawfish boil and she is after me to try to do one. Maybe I'll give it a try . . . after I try to catch some big Smallies.
  6. I want to thank everyone for the input. There are 10 of us (in 5 boats) making the trip to Rainy and we run a little tournament each year based on the biggest fish by species and biggest total weight. I was just looking for an "edge" for Smallmouth and thought that live crawfish might work. I have a Frabill crawfish trap that I am taking along and will trap whatever we use in the lake (no legal or ecological problems that way). Have used artificals in the past for SM, along with plastic worms and grubs as well as topwater baits. I'll just have to expirement with the live crawfish (if I can catch any in the trap)and see how it works out
  7. We are going to Rainy Lake the end of June and I am thinking of trapping and trying to use some live crawfish as bait. In the past we have had SM spit them up when we get them to the boat so I thought that crawfish might be a good bait to try. I fish a lot of plastic baits and some hard body baits, but must admit that I have little experience fishing live bait and NO experience using crawfish. I have researched and can find little on the subject, which keads me to believe that it might not be a productive technique. Any advice or experience that can be shared would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This may be 'cheating', but I make pretty good pulled pork using the crock pot! Put a Boston Butt Roast in the crock pot with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and a full bottle of hickory flavored liquid smoke. Cook on high for 10 to 12 hours. Remove the fat and shred. Hard to beat.
  9. Just my two cent worth here. I'm no expert but have had Brittany's for over 30 years. They are excellent hunters, and companions. As stated by others they are extremely intelligent and learn well, but are very high energy. The "puppy" doesn't usually leave for about three years, although training and discipline would probably cut that a little shorter. I can't say enough good things about the breed. Great hunters (point and retreive), awsome family dogs and life-long friends. Rick
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