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  1. "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy." Thats why my wife thinks I'm so good to have around the house.After all these years.... I have had a bottle of powder sitting around the house for the last three years. I took it out a mounth ago and it still seems OK, at least it went off when I pulled the trigger.I think as long as you have it sealed in something it should be OK.
  2. I at one time could hunt anything that could be hunted, Or at least I thought I could. Now that I'm much older I think that I could only hunt what I intent to eat. I see alot of trophys these days but as a friend of mine from out east always says,"You can't eat the horns". I think as I have got older I'm not as happy with a wall full of mounts as I would be with a freezer full of meat. But I agree with a Zebra.Thats a horse!!!!! how the H#*^ could any one eat that. I know, I'm sure its very yummie!!!!!
  3. All I have to say is "You Suck". I don't think Ive seen that many ducks in my life!!!!!!! Must be nice. I'd say Good luck next year but it doesn't look like you need luck. Great pics.
  4. Best hunt was the first year with my first Lab.Did all the training and handleing myself. He didn't shine in the feild right away but after 5 or 6 times out I had a hard double and I beleave even a seasoned dog would have had a hard time. Well it took some time but he used his nose and worked it out and got both duck. Two really nice Green head. worst hunt was after a 6hour pot hole walk I was crossing a narrow beaver run by way of a fallin log over the water. Half way across a woody got up out of the small river I was crossing. Well not really thinking I pulled up on it and fired. The log was a big oak and I felt I could keep my balance. I was wrong. I landed in the water below and Had a hour long walk back to the truck in totaly wet clothes. thankfully it didn't ruin or hurt anything but my pride. O and by the way I missed the Duck. Joke on me!
  5. Biting is NEVER good. Any dog that bites weather its in pain or not is hard to deal with. I know its hard to tell what to do but in my opinion If a dog bites ever it may bite again. One can never tell who it will bite next and thats the problem. the other problem is do you judge the fate of the dog on one occurance. I don't know the answer but I would give the dog a chance with a very short leash. Make sure he or she doesn't come into contact with people that can not handle an agrissive dog and by no meens Kids. but you more than anyone know the dog. If you feel in your heart that the dog my bite again then you may want to think about putting him down.Sorry.
  6. Theres so many great stories. Its fun to see how dogs can make us look like the fool just by being themselves!
  7. I would Just like to share a story abut my dog. Last year while hunting on a local pond, I droped three ducks. I marked the first two very well but the last one drifted into some heavy cover. the pond is pretty shallow but deep enough for a dog to have to swim(lots of sunken logs and bog grass). Well I sent the old boy(11 years old) out for the first two and he shined like a star. on the last retrieve he went out where I sent him(where I thought the duck had landed) and searched for about 10 minutes without luck. Being as old as he is he pretty much does what he wants to do . So he came back in. He stoped about 10 feet out from shore and rested on a sunken log. I asked what he thought? "Do you think he's out there"? I asked. He sat there a while looking at me then back out over the pond. finally I said"well its up to you. If you think he's there then go back out if not lets go". He looked at me with these eyes that said,Well I checked but I'll check again, and then he went back out. This time he went in a little different direction and soon I could tell he was on something. He zeroed in on the duck about 150 yards out from were I marked it. Like a bullet he took off after it and caught it just before it flew away from him.As I stood there on shore watching all this unfold I felt my heart fill with pride to be able to share a moment like that with a partner that can never be replaced. Just wondering if any one else has a memory that gives them a tear.
  8. Hey guys. New to this thing so be patient with me please. First I'd like to say this is so great. I love to read all the coments and info that is posted here. what a great tool for the outdoors man or woman. I thought it was funny to see the dog eating thing. My dog a black Lab who is now about 11 years ate a brand new $150.00 cowboy boot when he was about 3 months old. He only ate the left one though so I guess I could have still looked ok on the right side.Take care and unplug the extention cords with puppys.(It can be a real danger).
  9. Hey all. I had to sign up just so I could answer the,"are all wives like this'? So glad to see I'M not alone. I have a wonderful wife but she sure hates me fishing. I go when I can and I dream when I can't. Life goes on I guess!!
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