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  1. Usually the tell tale sign of a Chevy fuel pump going out is the bouncing gas gauge. From my experiences with Chevy fuel pumps, it does not matter if you use the OEM one or aftermarket one. They all will fail the same. For some reason the Chevy fuel systems will [PoorWordUsage] out quick if there is even a little restriction in the fuel system. Change your fuel filters regularly in chevys. Change the fuel fuel once or twice a year or you will be changing fuel pumps often.
  2. I have a Subaru in my drive way also. Head gasket problems in Subarus were more around the 2000-2003 range. Its funny how some of the engines had the problem while others have none, and owners drive them to 200,000+. My Subaru Forester is getting pass 170,000 miles and I did replace the head gasket once. Subarus awd is one of the best in the industry. The forester still runs like when it was brand new, all I have done is the head gaskets and routine maintenance, haven't changed even a alternator yet. Here's a little fact about Subaru, Subaru Company(Fuji Heavy Industry) does not use any Chinese parts and will never use Chinese parts, that is one of their company mottos. I remember one time drive axles were back-ordered for a few months. They could have gotten cheap Chinese ones, but instead they waited for their supplier in Japan. I am probaly gonna drive this Forester into the ground.
  3. I sell a lot of Kumhos. They are great tires. I always recommend them to all my customers.
  4. Actually if you want the brightest white light output closest to the suns rays, its around the 4000k. Any higher Kelvins you will be getting a more yellow light. Yellow light will drive through the fog better than white but wont be as bright as white in night time conditions. If you look around you will realize that kits 4000k kits are rare and higher K kits are plentiful. Keep in mind that the more Kelvins does not mean a brighter light.
  5. The cvts for Nissan have been pretty reliable. I seen many go pass 150k already. If you are planning on getting an 2.5 altima male sure you buy 07 and up one. 06 and under some of the 2.5 engines had a batch of bad piston rings. The symtoms of bad rings was oil starvation. Overall Altimas are pretty reliable.
  6. I have seen crappies like that before. Did you catch this fish in waters that are very dark and stained?
  7. Duramax= Isuzu diesel motor. GM never could make good diesels. Remember the old 5.7 diesel motors and the early 90's Gm diesels. They were not exactly known as reliable diesels. The best thing Gm did was buy a company who knew how to make diesels, Isuzu makes great diesel motors for their dock trucks.
  8. Its not just Dodge's. Most newer vehicles all the electronic accessories are ran through a integrated body control module or in human speak, a computer brain that controls all the electronic accessories. This module will control how all the power is distributed in a vehicle. It can range from keyless remotes, taillights, power seats, etc. You can't just hook up a universal tow wire kit on most vehicles these days, because it has to run through the body control module. Gone are the days of easy electronics now.
  9. Wow have the rental fee's really went up. I remember when I use to drag race almost ever other weekend, if you rented a two wheel dolly it was around $75 and a flat bed was only $85. Thats only $10 more. Man, the prices must have went up like crazy. And I am only talking about 5 years ago.
  10. I agree a lot with what you guys are saying. Trust me on this, those over the counter brush guard that you buy will not protect you from anything. Their purpose is for "LOOKS" only. Most brush guards on the market are made of thin steel or very weak stainless steel. You would be better off just hitting the deer. I have seen some instances that brush guard did more harm to the truck than the deer itself. Only the super heavy duty guards are worth even installing. But remember that the heavy duty guards also weigh a lot more, so your front might end up sagging more. There's always an up and down to everything.
  11. I support my military 100% also, but I don't support the Iraq war, cuz Iraqi's had nothing to do with 9/11. I dont support sending my friends and comrades to a war which was uncalled for. We could have all the military in Afghanistan, then maybe we would not be wondering were in the world is Bin Laden. Enuff of politics, I am happy for any one who can use these rebates
  12. You do know that MT's are mud terrain tires. These tires are usually more aggressive and harder than regular tires. MT's are usually very noisy cuz of the harder compound made for mudding.
  13. hondavxr

    Nils vs. 224

    If SM is using the China motors I don't think next year will be their year, cuz I don't think they will be durable anymore. I bet the new SM motors is similar to Tanaka motors cuz it is probably the exact China knock off of the Tanaka motor.
  14. Yeah these redneck tug of war does not prove anything. It may prove the owner of the truck had more grip or horsepower than the other. Thats all it really proves. But I still give it up for Cummins because their motors are rated to last 500,000 miles or more while the Duramax and Powerstroke are around 250,000. Cummins straight six turbos last a long time because straight six motors have less problems with harmonic balancing like v motors. Look at Toyota Supra turbo charged straight 6 motors, they can do high 700-800 horsepower with the stock block. Start with a good platform and it all falls in right.
  15. Man, I am going to miss this one. I will be at Upper Red trying to chase some slabs also. I might at the Croix on Monday that following weekend so save me some slabs. Good Luck yalls.
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