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  1. Headed up to Isabella on Saturday morning. Looking to get one last ride in for the year. How far is the trestle inn from Isabella ? Anyone have a snow report? Hoping for good trails. Thanks chad
  2. I had to use the water trick on my 99 700 last year. It sounded like a gun shot when it can off. Watch your fingers!!
  3. I took mine apart this summer after it not cooling well. Just don't clean the outside its the inside of the a coil that's dirty. Take the Plenum off to get access it the a coil. I left the one side with the copper coming out alone. Next you need to separate the a coil from it self. Mine had 6 quater inch self tappers. Get a flsh light and look inside it. Mine was at least a 1/4 inch thick with dog hair and dust. I used a brass brush and simply green. I can't believe the difference it made. My furnace use to make a kinds of noises when it started up now its half way quiet. I have to say that it's the original furnace put in in 82
  4. I'll be going to both. More for the swap meet than the racing. I'm looking for a seat and a pair of fox shocks for my sks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm filling in for a guy that backed out. Never went out of port Washington hope we get limits.
  6. I will be following this as I have a buddy coming up from Arkansas for a week for the same thing.
  7. I'm headed over to Lake Michigan in early September to fish with Nicky boy charters in port Washington. Anyone been with this outfit before? Thanks chad
  8. I went down to beaver lake over the forth to visit a friend that lives on the lake. Fishing was good on Wednesday and Thursday and then the boaters came out. Didn't catch anything real big, but caught a ton of fish in the 24-30 inch Range. Used umbrella rigs with blue/ white roadrunners with 6" white tails. It was a fun trip and I'm kicking myself for not going down there sooner. I'll defiantly will be going back to chase a 30 pounder!!
  9. I did a project for work using ipe wood also known as brazilan walnut. It is some dense wood. Took the torch to it and it would flame, but as soon as you took the flame away it wouldn't even smolder. I'd hate to ruin a good piece of meat with some exotic wood that didn't taste good.
  10. I use a old monkey wards 3 horse. Bring a two gallon gas can with and that baby will run all weekend. It weights next to nothing, but its loud and has the internal gas tank. You can't beat the old two strokes. It pushes my buddy and me ( combined around 550 lbs) around pretty good in a 12 footer.
  11. The lake I was on is a no wake lake because of high water. Never got to upen it up.
  12. I have a 2002 50 horse 4stroke mercury and tonight I was out trolling and the alarm went off. It was a steady beep. Does this set a code? Can I retrieve this code with out bring it in? It was peeing a strong steam at the time it happened. Can a motor overheat and still be puttin out a strong steam? Any help? Thanks chad
  13. I just replaced my 5.3 in my pick up It cost 411.00 delivered. Bought a gasket kit for a little over 200. So for 611 bucks and 14 hours of my time it was well worth it to keep an old truck running. If its a daily driver I'd have to think long and hard on it. But if its an occasionally used truck. I'd say put a motor in it.
  14. U pull r parts in east bethel will take it. I would bet johns in Blaine would to. There not Going to give you much I would assume, but any junk yard would want it and might pick it up at your house.
  15. Is this a factory block heater ? The new motor I have has it the old motor had a plug in this spot. It's above the oil filter towards the back of the block. If so can you just buy a cord for it? Thanks chad
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