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  1. Thanks for all the good information guys! I appreciate it! D
  2. I have decided to break down and get a handheld GPS (mainly for ice fishing but for use on open water as well). I was always a big fan of the Lawrance Ifinder H2OC but I guess they don't make it anymore. Looked at the Lawrance Sierra and it is getting terrible reviews at best. Looking for something compatible with Lakemaster chips or whatever they are using now for lakes. Oh yeah, and easy to use. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks, D
  3. I am looking into getting a new auger this year and I am having trouble figuring out which one to get. I am really leaning towards Strike Master but I don't know the difference between their models. I want a 10" but they have a couple different blade options. Which one if the best? Help Thanks, D
  4. UBB3-ML-916862-ML- Moved to Mille Lacs Lake Forum
  5. Will they work with a trailer that lifts from the deck? They look like they mount right where the trailer bed lifts the boat. Anyone know? D
  6. Ozzie, I understand your theory that if everyone starts using it, it will have a negative affect on the ecosystem. I am not an one-who-thinks-I-am-silly and I am not saying everyone should use WD40 on their lures. My point was just stating that I noticed that a few people were taking it too far. Anyway, this topic got me to thinking (which can be dangerous). I remember this stuff that my Dad got from a bait shop many years ago. You sprayed it on leaches (it came in a pump bottle) and it smelled like black licorice, i'm guessing it was the anise(sp?) that had the licorice smell. I remember it would have the same affect when you put it on leaches or minnows as WD. It also left a rainbow ring in the water. Now this stuff was sold and marketed toward fishing. Does anyone remember seeing this stuff? Is it safe or is the rainbow in the water a tell-tale sign that it is petroleum based. Not trying to be a smart a$$, just wondering if anyone out there knows / remembers what I am talking about. Let's all be nice now, OK? We are all after the same thing, and we all like to fish as well. Truce! D
  7. My post was more of a "leave the guy alone" more than anything. I am not condoning polluting our lakes, it just seems like a few people on this site use it as a soap box. That is all. I didn't mean to offend anyone or act like I don't care about our environment. D
  8. All I am saying is that I think (again, I think) that some people are blowing this out of control. Quote: Its all about leaving as little of a trace as possible. Sometimes you need a boat to fish but you never need WD40 to fish. Have you ever heard of the BWCA? Have you ever seen a sign at a lake that states you must have a motor boat to enter? If you are going to make this a fact based conversation, lets talk facts, not opinions. D
  9. What about the plastic / rubber bait that we use? Has anyone ever lost one in the lake or even worse in a fish's mouth that got away? Doesn't that harm the ecosystem? This is getting blown out of porportion. You are saying it is OK to drive a car around and drive an outboard motor on a lake because it is today's means of transportation. Well, there are people who feel so strongly about pollution that they ride a bike to work (because they feel that is the alternative to CHOOSING to drive a polluting vehicle). They may even fish out of a canoe instead of a powerboat. I am not a tree hugger but I do care about the environment. All I am trying to say here is that unless you are one of the people who walk to your fishing hole, cast from shore or use a non-motorized boat and snorkel for your lost hooks and lures, I really don't see a need to spank anyone who has a different opinion. By the way, disposing of computers once they are outdated pollutes the earth quite a bit also. So everyone who is posting about how concious they are about the water might want to sit back and think about what he is really asking rather than trying to save the world. By the way, I have used on on leeches and it does make them go crazy. Don't mean to offend anyone, just venting. D
  10. I agree but that is why I said you really have to follow the training video. I found that it actually teaches the dog not to leave the yard. I have a lab and she could care less about the shock. I have seen her sit on the line when people of dogs are in the street and take the shock for a couple of minutes. Her collar beeps when she is getting a shock so I know when she is getting zapped. That tells me that it isn't so much the shock that is keeping her in the yard but the training I did with her. It is not a concrete wall, if they want out bad enough, they will go through it. But overall, I am very happy with it. Just my 2 cents. D
  11. I have a 70lb lab and I have the invisible fence (cheapo version by Petsafe). It was a gift from the gods in my opinion. No visible fence and my dog is always in the yard. People always walk by with other dogs and she just goes to the line and watches them. I even hear people say how cool it is that everytime they walk by, she never leaves the yard to greet them. If you do choose an invisible fence system, it is very important to follow the video exactly how it says for training. You can't just slap the collar on her and expect her to stay in the yard. If you follow the video properly, they dog will not even need the collar after a while. They learn to stay in the yard by the steps you go through with her. The neighbor has 2 big males and the Invisible fence and he feels the same way. Our dogs will each go to the boarder line but neither cross (usually). It works so well, I am thinking of getting an extra collar and slipping it on the wife when she is out of the yard. I think she will get a zap when she tries to get back in.
  12. What do you mean by "ring"? Cause interference w/ these units? If that is the goal, I screwed up when I bought my flasher. I got one that help me ice fish, not see how many signals I can interupt. Just my thought. D
  13. Good to hear. And by the way, to all you guides out there. It IS your vessel so its your rules. Anyone who hires you needs to respect that. D
  14. There must be a little misunderstanding. I agree with most of the rules mentioned in the posts (no seeds, good tackle, no smoking, drinking, peeing, etc...). I just had a issue with the no cell phones. That one just seemed a bit overboard . Anyway, you are right, most of the things mentioned should just come as common courtesy and should not have to be put into rules, but I understand some people need clear direction on what will be accepted and what will not. Sorry, didn't mean to create a ruckus. Just had to mention the cell phone thing. D
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