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  1. Anyone been out there lately? Was up in the first part of December and the river flowage was CLOUDY. Ended up setting our houses out from Eagles Nest. Kinda thought about heading back up there and wondering what conditions are like. Easy to get around or lots of snow? RED
  2. red ice

    Turn signals

    Yep, please post pics on how you did it. I've found a nice kit online, but thinking I can find the parts and do it cheaper. Thanks! RED
  3. red ice

    Turn signals

    I live in a small rural town. Nobody cares about wheelers or golf carts running around, as long as you don't get out of hand.
  4. red ice

    Turn signals

    The neighbor just bought himself a new Kawasaki Mule. Had the dealer put a fully enclosed cab and tracks on it. Today he asked me about putting turn signals on it. Guess the cab reduces his visibility and he wants people to know where he's going when driving around town. Understandable. This is something I can do. But, wondering if anyone else has done this? Is there a kit? Would I need to bump up the charging system? Looking for some advice before I get in too deep. Thanks! RED
  5. red ice


    I'll throw my two cents out as well. Wheelers I've owned: 2003 Honda Foreman ES-- Good machine. Had plenty of power and the ES worked well. Good puller with low range and solid rear axle. Little cold blooded though. Make sure you know where the primer is. Reason I got rid of it is I wanted a full automatic as when my nieces and nephews rode it they didn't understand that you had to shift. That was my excuse to treat myself to a new machine 2005 Honda Rubicon-- Another good reliable Honda. Very strong pulling machine. Good low range and the solid rear axle. The Hondamatic trans. was very smooth and always in the right gear. This machine was also cold blooded and had to prime it a fair amount in the winter. Another downfall is that an oil change takes over 5 quarts as you fill the engine AND the trans. I would change mine twice a year to switch weights. Got rid of this machine to get an EFI. Current machine is a 2008 Can-Am 650XT-- So far I have loved this machine. The power is phenomenal. Good low range and have no doubt she will be able to tow anything I throw at her. The ride is by far the best I've ridden, course it is IRS. My Pa just loves this machine compared to the others. Just turn the key and she starts right up. Only things I've noticed is that she does run a little warmer than others I've owned, also you sometimes have to "rock" her to get into gear. Well, that is my two cents hope it helps a little bit. Think there is still some good deals out there on new machines. I will stress again to look over a used machine very thoroughly. Get a history on it. Ask to speak to the previous owner(s). Get as much info as you can. Good luck and let us know what you are finding and if you have any other questions. RED
  6. Ever check construction sites? Usually around new homes and buildings that are going up they have a dumpster and throw all sorts of decent wood in them. Some of it is still good to make deer stands or whatever you need. RED
  7. Yes, you should ride as many machines as you can. Pick the one you want that fits the bill for how you are going to use it and what you can afford. I had an '05 Honda Rubicon and traded this summer for an '08 Can-Am 650XT. The Rubicon was/is a good machine. It was a workhorse plain and simple. Didn't have the smoothest ride, but I didn't buy it for trail riding. Used it mostly on the farm and fishing. The only issue I had with it was cold weather starting. She was a cold-blooded gal. Had to choke and prime more than I care too. That is why I went with the Can-Am. Really wanted EFI. My two cents. Hope you are able to get some helpful advice off this site and enjoy your new wheeler! RED
  8. I know many guys that have done the trick of shooting the ice with a large caliber rifle. They chip around the house to loosen that ice up. Shoot the rifle through the floor to break up the ice underneath. Might have to shoot a couple rounds outside the house too. If you are able to, have a little pressure on your lift system to pop it up when the ice does break up. Never had to do it myself, but it works. I know shooting a rifle into the ice isn't the safest, but it works. Get your earplugs and safety glasses!
  9. To reset the oil change indicator press and hold both the ODO/TRIP button and RESET button for more than 2 seconds. The indicator should disappear.
  10. That stuff is in the owners manual. Think that I paid $40 or $50 for the service manual. Worth it if you do your own work. Should be able to get a new owners manual from the dealer too. Don't know what they cost. I will run out to my shop tomorrow and get the manual and tell you how to reset the oil change light. RED
  11. I have an 05 Rubicon myself and the manual for it. What are you looking for or to do?
  12. Thinking about trading in my wheeler. Got an '05 Rubicon. Love it, just wish it was EFI. Looking at a Can-Am 500. Anybody out there know of any good dealers out there that are willing to deal? Don't care if it is a carryover or not. Thanks! RED
  13. I would agree with Phred52. Don't make it that wide. Now that they are requiring state DOT trailer licenses I would look for them to be checking more. Even if you are towing it on city, county or township roads, they can still stop ya. Believe me, I know. They are called state troopers cause they can go anywhere in the state. Maybe if you had an older house, you could be grandfathered in. But, I wouldn't push it with a new build. How much room are you really gonna loose? RED
  14. Got an '07 Softail Custom myself. Love it. RED
  15. red ice

    Rifle advice

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone so far for sharing their opinions and experience. Haven't made a decision yet, but have a few more ideas now. There's quite a few options out there that would fall in my budget ($1000 or less on the rifle and $5-600 on the scope). Still leaning toward a .30 cal. Whether it would be a WSM, ultra mag, or weatherby. As far as a rifle I am making a few phone calls to see what places have on hand so I can get a feel for them. Thats the part that kinda sucks. Stores don't usually have many left-handed guns on hand. Also, manufactures don't always offer all the calibers in left-hand. I do understand why though. We left-handed shooters are the minority. Has anybody had any experience or seen the new Remington 700 XCR's? Thanks again! RED
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