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  1. Hey. My name is Chad. I live in Rogers, MN and commute to SCSU three days a week to attend class. I transfered to SCSU this fall after going to North Hennepin Community College for two years and graduated with an Associate in Arts degree. Just thought it would be fun to find some other waterfowlers that attend SCSU and get to know them a little. Maybe compare scouting notes as the season progresses, meet up and talk on campus a while, possibly even go on a hunt. It would just be nice to get to know a few people on campus. It is hard for me to get to know people because I don't live there. Who knows, maybe I have a class with someone on this site. Good luck hunting.
  2. I went out by myself opening day and took my little brother the second day of the season. I think I have 8 in the freezer. Went to a spot about 5 minutes from home, just west of Rogers. There was a large harvested oats field that a ton of doves were using. I got lots of shooting and had a great time. They're pretty hard to hit and I was surprised by how tough some of them were to kill.
  3. I hunted season D and it was pretty tough. Not much gobbling on the roost and it seemed many birds weren't gobbling at all(already with hens?). I was able to sneak up on some and saw quite a few, they just weren't gobbling and wouldn't respond to calls. Could have shot a small jake but passed it up. This was in zone 341.
  4. Hunted season 4(D) in zone 341. Very tough hunting. Cold. Windy. Birds were hardly gobbling in the morning(maybe for about 10 minutes) and it seemed many birds just weren't gobbling or responding to calls. The first morning I got one within about 100 yards and he wouldn't come any closer. Then some deer scared him away. Second morning I had a tom pretty close, but he shut up so I moved about 100 yards closer to a different bird. 15 minutes later, from the spot I just moved from, appear 2 hens and 1 tom. They were 80 yards away and the tom was strutting, couldn't get him away from the 2 hens. Third morining there was hardly a gobble to hear. Got up to walk around a little at 9:00 AM and found 2 toms in a field. Got close and tried calling, no luck. Fourth morning I set up in that same field, as I had seen birds using it. Saw a few hens and got a jake within 15 yards, but passed him up. Tough hunting. Birds would not respond to calls and were not gobbling. Saw lots of birds driving around in the afternoon, and saw decent numbers while hunting. They just wouldn't respond to calls. The big goose egg for our group of three.
  5. Thanks Duck-o-hoilc. I had a blast. It was fun just to get out and explore. Got lots of cool pictures of geese and ducks in the process too. My friends looked at me kind of funny when I told them I put on 660 miles on my truck with gas prices kind of high. I thought it was worth it and I didn't fire a shot. If I make another trip and get some shooting, I'll be really happy.
  6. I was down that way yesterday and didn't see many at all. Thousands of dark geese and ducks, a few hundred snows. I visited lots of the places you guys mentioned- lake benton, lake sarah, shetek- saw very few birds. I'm just curious as to the hunting of snow geese in MN and where exactly big concentrations are. If anybody would like, please email me with what you find/areas you know are holding a lot of birds. I don't want your hotspots or anything-like I said, I am just interested because I put on 660 miles yesterday and saw few snows. It was my first time snow goose hunting, so maybe I didn't do it right? Next time I would be able to get out is in a week, so I wouldn't be stealing your spots this weekend or anything. I'm just very curious where the birds are/where people are hunting. I was in the area from lake hendricks SE to Sarah/Shetek, SW towards Luverne then West and then back up to Hendricks. Was I not in a good area? I loved just getting out and exploring a new area. Like I said, if anybody has any info they would like to pass on to a curious guy, I would appreciate it. [email protected]
  7. Made the trip out to Western MN yesterday. I didn't have high expectations, just wanted something to do; I've been bored on my Spring Break. Left Rogers at 3:50 AM, by myself. I was making good time until roads turned to glare ice by Cokato/Hutchinson. I drove south on 23 towards Marshall, and cut West just before town. I checked out a bunch of lakes/ponds to the West of Marshall and found nothing but Canadians. Drove to South Dakota border to Hendricks. Lake Hendricks has two large open areas of water, holding tons of Canadian geese, ducks, and a few snows. I saw a couple flocks of snow geese up high and coming from the South towards lake Hendricks-I thought maybe it would be a good day for hunting. I left this area and visited some other lakes on my way to Lake Benton. Most of these lakes have open water because of aerators- and are holding tons of dark geese and ducks, with a few snows mixed in. I then drove South farther towards Luverne, cut west a couple miles north of town, and drove north again towards Hendricks, without seeing anything. When I got back to Hendricks, I sat on some public land adjacent to the lake to try to possibly get some pass shooting. I didn't fire a shot. I didn't really care too much. I put 660 miles on my F-150 yesterday, driving all over the place. I saw thousands of dark geese and ducks, only a couple hundred snows. It was worth it though, and I will definately be making more trips as soon as the migration starts up again.
  8. Won't stop me at all. Just put on 660 miles yesterday in SW MN looking for some snows. It will hurt the wallet a little more however. It is worth it though, anything to get away from doing homework or anything else.
  9. I thought it was needed to be able to hunt snows in MN in the Spring. I went and bought the Spring permit today and was never asked any questions. I asked about becoming HIP certified and she said it wasn't on the sheet of paper. I then went to the DNR HSOforum under the Sping Snow Goose section and it didn't say anything about needing to be HIP certified. Do you not need it in the Spring?
  10. I am also addicted to waterfowling. I love both duck and goose hunting. I am 20 years old and have been hunting since I was 8. My Dad is a big duck hunter so I started out by duck hunting. As I got older and started finding friends that liked hunting, I started to goose hunt more and more. We would just pass shoot most of the time. Then we began using some shell decoys in fields about five years ago. Last year, I made a big investment and bought 2 dozen Bigfoots, and a small trailer to haul them in. I am in college, so I can't spend too much more money right now on Bigfoots, but I plan to fill the trailer up the rest of the way(another 1-2 dozen). It is tough to beat a flock of 50 honkers gliding in with their wings set from 200 yards out, 10 yards off the ground. It is a beautiful sight. So is getting out to a froze over pond at 5:30 in the morning, busting up the ice, throwing out a dozen dekes, and watching flocks of 30+ mallards circle around and around before deciding to drop down into the spread. I love it all. I still really like duck hunting, but I think I am starting to like goose hunting even more. As long as I am sitting in a field or a pond and there are birds in the air, I am happy. I am even happy putting thousands of miles on my truck and spending hundreds of dollars on gas to try to find areas birds are using. I love anything that has to do with waterfowling. This year will be my first year snow goose hunting. We will see what happens.
  11. I plan on driving all around Western/South Western Minnesota tomorrow looking for some snow geese and possibly shooting a few. I plan on starting the morning around 3:00 AM, so I can be down that way for sunrise. I will start by driving down towards Marshall then cutting West towards Ivanhoe, before driving south. I will post what I found late tomorrow night.
  12. There won't be good numbers moving up there for some time. Highs the next 10 days up there are in the 30's, lows in the teens, with a few inches of snow tonight.
  13. Well, I do plan to make a trip to North Dakota later in the year. Birds won't be there next week during my break however. Driving all the way out to SW MN for a day isn't a waste to me. I haven't been out there much, only a couple times. I am going out there for something to do. I hope to see some snows/other wildlife and possibly bag a few. I am not going out there with big huge expectations. Like I said, just a way to pass some time, and look around an area that is new to me. If the weather stays like this, will there be some out there, or will they be south? Any areas anybody suggest I look around? Any answers to my previous questions? Thanks.
  14. I believe decoys work well. The first year I went, the first day I called in a tom without a decoy, but didn't get a shot. This was our first year hunting turkeys, so we really had no clue how to hunt them successfully. A guy we knew came and visited us and called us (Contact US Regarding This Word) for not using decoys and gave us his to borrow. A day later I called in another tom and bagged him. He stopped on the opposite side of a fence, and when he saw the decoy, he continued towards me. I believe this made the difference that day. Since then, I have always used a decoy. I use one of the foam collapsable ones. I have a whole set of two hens and a jake, but have only used one hen decoy. I have called in about 8 toms in three seasons, all using a decoy. Maybe it is other factors, but I have killed two
  15. I wanted to get a trip in to the Dakotas this spring sometime, but it is hard to try to get a date set when a lot of friends can come, since the migration depends on weather so much. So, my spring break is next week, and I was thinking of making a couple day trips to Western/ Southwestern MN to give snow goose hunting a try. It will be my first time hunting snow geese ever. Just wondering: Is it hard to get permission to hunt on peoples land/Hard to track down landowners during the day in the middle of the week? What are some probable areas to scout around? Any other tips/info anyone can give me is appreciated. I plan on leaving home early in the morning and being out there around sunrise, hunting the day, and driving back home. I plan to sneak/pass shoot. Thanks for any info/advice you can give me.
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