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  1. Well I've finally purchased a house and in need of a lawnmower. Just looking for some input on what brand/size to get. It's just under an acre of land with slopes in the yard, and a few trees. I don't have alot to spend on one but am going to need one soon so any input would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
  2. I'm no mechanic but on my '07 you can here the fan kick in, I'm geussing that yours is'nt. I would check the wiring for the fan it could be that the wires broke or were chewed by rodents if it was sitting for awhile.
  3. I purchased a '97 Ford Escort with a 2.0 back in febuary and the problem is everytime i'm driving down the road with the vent switch off and decide to turn it on for heat or air my headlights will dim for a split second and the motor seems to lose power slightly for a second and it repeats itself periodicly? It don't seem to get worse or better with time, it don't worry me but it's kindof annoying. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what is causing this. I was thinking maybe a bad altenator but you would think it would have took a [PoorWordUsage] or gotten worse by now. Any advice will be appreciated thanks in advance.
  4. I was wondering where the best place to get a package at a good deal. Is there anybody in the state or do I have to order online? Any info would be great, thanks in advance.
  5. I was wondering if you tried out those Bighorns, were they any good in the snow? I'm looking for a good set of tires for winter since thats when I put the most miles on with plowing and ice-fishin'. I wish they made BFG A/T KO's for wheelers
  6. Me and a co-worker were wondering if any of you had experiences with a guided mule deer hunt. Some of the information we would like is names of outfitters, prices and locations. Also input on what to look for in a guide. We would like pretty good odds since this will be our first muley hunt. I thank you in advance for any info and recomendations.
  7. I have an Eskimo Quick Flip III for sale that has been modified. It has two boat seats with storage undernieth and a cut-out for the minnowbucket to set in. A seperate compartment for a buddy heater, it holds a twelve pound tank, buddy heater, two rod bags, locaters and then some without a problem. I'm asking 350 or best offer pics available upon request, I just need an addy.
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