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  1. I am so glad I started that with my pup and it really works!
  2. Congrat's on an older Lab rescue dog decision and be grateful that the dog likes you that much! Maybe a simple, self adjusting bark collar would work. Keeps my 6 month Lab quiet as a church mouse when I need to use it. Bought it at Menards for like $60. Never liked the whole e-collar thing until I tried it. Read up on them before you try it as it may not be for you. Good luck!
  3. Just for kicks I just took my 2 3/4" lead shot barrel off my 37 y.o. wingmaster and swapped with the 3 1/2" Super Mag barrel --- no problem! Even swapped the retaining caps and everything cycles perfectly. Just wish that Super Mag cycled as smooth as that old Wingmaster---- maybe three + more decades from now. 3 1/2" Kent Fasteel kills my shoulder and my brain almost as bad as my 10 guage did so I can't even imagine what a slug would feel like outta that thang! No Thanks man and good luck deer hunting!
  4. Thanks Panfish for you advice and kind comment! Your advice has been repeated by many men I know with experience w/labs. The "hardcore" duck hunting out of boat will not happen until next year when he and I are more polished and he will be 1 1/2 years old by then.
  5. I got a six month old male Lab and wondered about the same thing. I read an interesting article from some British vet that stated male dogs need to remain intact until they mature as the testosterone they produce helps brain devolopment and slows rapid bone growth. It was stated that fixing to soon "stops" their intelect from developing beyond the age they were fixed at. Then the article went further on to say that once a male dog lifts it's leg or reaches one year of age you will suffer no consequences. So I would say you are "golden"! One less thing to worry about. It all sounded pretty logical to me so that's the route we're taking!
  6. sakazulu

    New Pup!

    OOOPS! Forgot to tell ya how good look'in your pup is! Here's me and 6 month Ted last weekend Keep the stories rolling! It's fun!
  7. sakazulu

    New Pup!

    I got the dog of my dreams on Memorial weekend at 6 weeks! A chocolate lab! Ted is his name. Had him out duck hunting last weekend! I share your love a chocalate lab and miss his company when I'm at work! I like your on going story as it helps to compare with my experience with Ted. Keep it rolling!
  8. An e-collar really keeps my dog quiet by just even wearing it. Never used one until I got my lab this spring and I have come to realize their value. But I must add I started with a self correcting bark collar right out of the gate so he knows what it is.
  9. Ted @ 6 weeks this spring Ted last weekend with his first duck/water retrieve to hand! He just had to have the grass in his mouth!
  10. Very nice! I too was teary eyed and choked! So allow me this---I had to put my first ever dog down in January at the vet and it was the single most heart wrenching experience I have ever had to go thru! I too, wanted never to have to go thru that again! Then, in April, my wife insisted we claim a pup from a litter of labs. I resisted cuz no other dog could replace my Abby! We got the pup and here we are with a 6 month puppy and I realized how important it is to always have a dog in my life! Get back on that horse and ride it, pull out that hunting gear and remember why you loved that dog! I think for every dog you've given a good life to they watch over the next one and they get better and better!
  11. Naw! Had my five, going on six month lab out hunting last weekend and even though things went better than I expected, I can see why some told me to wait until labs get to be your dog's age or even older! You'll both have a lot of fun getting that instinct "kicked in"! It is the single most amazing thing about a hunting dog to see! Good luck to ya!
  12. I like the "rockstar" bit! After last weekend I know how you feel about your dog!
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