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  2. Yknow I've never been one for laying out these store bought scents. But.....I have seen Trails End #307 work with my own eyes.I hunted my parents farm with this fella who would put out around 2 dozen wicks around his stand coated with this stuff. He actually had bucks coming in with their noses straight up in the air sniffing the aroma! It was just around daylight when the first of his bucks came in,I went to see what the firing was about and he had a nice fork down. I had just made it back to my stand when I heard him shoot again. As I made my way back to his stand I was thinking "He couldn't have gotten another one!!!??".Sure enough he had gotten another buck ,this time a 6 pointer that he said came in with his nose straight up in the air smelling the aroma of the scent wicks he had laid out.I've been bought ever since.
  3. I am a true believer in scent control. I have seen it work with my own eyes while bowhunting NW Wisc.I have had deer come within 10ft of me on the ground while bowhunting and never got winded.Scent control is the number one objective in my opinion.
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    I feel your pain.Two years ago I hit an 8 pointer the night before opener on the way to the cabin.Messed my jeep up pretty good,left me sideways in the middle of 65N.Be careful everybody,its getting to that time where they're starting to move.
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  6. Jacobson,MN bout' 30 miles N of McGregor.I cant wait!!!!!
  7. I would have to thank my grandmother I guess???. For all the years of field and stream/outdoor life/Fins and Feathers subscriptions I would recieve for x-mas gifts as a child. My father hunted but never took me along,he was the type to go with his buddies and leave the kid at home with the wife."No" was the response I would recieve after begging til I was blue in the face to go with them. As I got to driving age I took myself to any and all public land I could find and applied everything I had learned in those magazines.I found friends who enjoyed hunting as well and spent much time with them in the woods.It got to the point where Sept. would roll around and I would ask my Dad if he wanted to go out hunting with me and he would always reply "No",to which I would reply "C-YA!!" and be gone for days in the woods. So I guess if I had anyone to thank it would be my grandma for lighting the hunting fire under my butt.I'm so glad it never went out. With my own children I have made sure to bring them in the woods with me and to share in the great outdoors with them,be it hunting,fishing,hiking,etc. My 6 year old daughter accompanied me for the first time this year Grouse hunting and it is something I will NEVER forget,I hope she doesn't either:) I hope when my kids get older they'll always remember our special times together in the woods and sharing in the great outdoors with Dad .
  8. "Escanaba in Da Moonlight"!!! We added this to our list of traditions last year:)What a GREAT movie for the deer shack!! Ol' Jimmer Negamanee is a riot!!
  9. Could make the ol' lady sleep out there for a night to show her it's not real comfortable Then again,you'd probably both(you and the pup) be out there .All joking aside......make sure it is WELL insulated and OFF the concrete. I had a friend as a kid who's dad had an "outdoor" dog,key word in that sentence is "had". Doghouse wasn't as insulated as he thought(for our MN winters) and the poor girl froze one night:( I have NEVER forgot that,probably never will....and that was almost 30 years ago.What about the basement??? I have my labs kennel in our laundry room,out of the way.
  10. I have so many of these stories I could write a book:) One that comes to mind though....."I was in my early 20's deer hunting my parents farm in NW Wisc.I was hunting a field around 500yds x 300yds surrounded on all sides by pinetrees. The field was made up of thigh high yellow/gold grass.There were pine trees(4ft-6ft tall) that had popped up sporadically thought the field.I had been seeing some MONSTER bucks coming out of this stand of pine trees every evening.I get the bright idea of hiding underneath one of those pines to ambush the big boy when he comes out. Well I had only crawled my upper half of my body under the pine with my lower half sticking out into the tall grass.A while later I start to hear what sounds like a sheep "baa'ing". It keeps getting closer and closer,louder and louder. Well I scoot my self backwards out from underneath that pinetree and just roll over onto my back when this doe goes flying over the top of me "baaa'ing" the whole time! I'm lying there trying to get my heart out of my throat breathe again when a fork horn goes barreling over me not 2 seconds behind that doe! I finally got my "wits" together and jumped to my feet with my rifle.After that experience I couldn't bring myself to shoot him I sat and watched that buck chase that poor doe all over that field,oblivious to anything and everything going on around him. This is one of my most favorite experiences that I've had. Like I said there have been several,there will probably be several more":) Here is a pic of a few of the bucks that have come from "The Farm"
  11. Well it starts out usually Friday before opener.I'm usually the first one to camp so I get it opened up,furnace going,unpacked,etc.I love being the first one up at camp,waiting for the guys to get up there.It is about so much more than killing deer. It's about tradition,comaraderie,friends and good times.Almost sounds like a beer commercial!! Friday night is usually spent reliving stories of past deer hunts,readying gear/weapons,tilting a few cold ones back and talk'ing. Saturday is balls to the walls hunting,from dawn til dusk.Back at the shack there's usually crock pots going with Venison Chili,Stew,Soup,etc.Stuff to warm your bones on those cold days:)By sunday there are usually a few deer hanging so we spend the night drinking,gambling,etc. Basically tearing it up and celebrating the hunt. There's nothing like deer camp!! I hope there's deer hunting in heaven:)
  12. I have to agree with Rott.When I use my 7MM Rem Mag for deer hunting I will use the 175gr Core Lokts if I am hunting thick cover.We hunt near the Grand Rapids area and it can get pretty thick up there! I have shot plenty of deer with this bullet and I can tell you first hand the lead does not "disintegrate" into the meat. That's the whole idea behind the Core Lokt bullet,they're supposed to retain 95% of their original weight.The bullets that I have found lodged in the deer I have shot have all been pretty much in tact,except with some expansion. Now if I am hunting "open" areas(fields) where the shots are 200+ yards I switch to Remington Scirrocco bullets in 150gr ballistic tip. This is an extremely FAST,flat shooting bullet.The Scirrocco comes out of the shoot(muzzle) traveling at 3110FPS with 3221 ft pds of energy!! Talk about SMOKIN'!! This is just my personal experience with these two bullets.Using the 175gr in thick cover I have noticed that there is not alot of "richochetting" off small branches,etc. that you'll get with a lighter bullet,usually just plows right through them.Hope any of this info helps:) Only 28 days to go!!!!!
  13. I use two different rifles for deer. For open areas I use my Remington 7MM Mag,for the close quarters hunting I use a Marlin 45-70 Gov't.I usually shoot 300gr jacketed hollow points in the 45-70 and 150gr ballistic tip bullets such as the Scirracco in the 7MM.I have used the 7MM in heavy cover with no problems whatsoever but I will go to the heavier 175gr core lokt bullet in those instances.
  14. These are a couple of 26 1/2 Steelhead from a "secret" river:)In two days flyfishing ,out of 22 hookups my friend and I landed 17 fish.ALL WERE RELEASED
  15. Bring it to a Pro shop,they can test the draw weight(set it lower if need be) along with the other services I've listed in my previous post. Start slow and progress .That way you'll avoid any injury's and learn proper technique.If I were you I would spend this season getting the bow set up,learning technique, and how to shoot the bow.Bow season is less than 2 months away,I truly believe it would be difficult to be prepared in time for this season.
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