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  1. Death I'd put up more porn but there all on your vidio cammra.
  2. I wan't to see more fish porn.
  3. I've had a $30 stream light headlamp for 5 years "used daliy". It is simple to use one click one lead two clicks three leds three clicks one bright spotlamp. I'll never own any headlamp thats not a stream light.
  4. Tree frogs are way to cool to put on a hook, same with salamanders.
  5. I'm done, it was a good year. Chrome salmonids are upon me.
  6. Catfishunter


    Shhhhhh, you know were i'm at. Talk to gooty and get ahold of me this fall. same old thing . Ed i love your signature.
  7. Catfishunter


    Sure does. I like the idea of draging cut across the bottom weightless, sounds good in shallow water. Looks like the billy boy bobbers lighted pole float and the weighted lighthouse slip floats are on my list, found them in the Catfish Connection catlog. I have been troting the float down rapids steering them into pockets behind bolders and deeper shoots and has worked well. Have been using a 7'6" med baitcaster with 50 pound tuff line xp as a main line and 20 pound mono as leader but sometimes I switch to my centerpin rod and reel that is used for steelhead at 11'6" foot and light action it sure is fun. Started using floats under the dam in Crookston for cats and then learning how to use them for salmonida in the rivers around duluth. I think it's the best way to cover water in the river unless your casting for bass. I need to find a longer med. action rod to work the floats the way I want but the pin is sure fun.
  8. Catfishunter


    Just woundering what kinds to try and rods to match? Been using a thill big fish with a egg sinker but hard to attach a glow stick. I have been fishing them in fast current under rapids with nice bubble lines and pockets. Fishing has been good with nice channels landed. Frogs are bait of choice but big fish on cut.
  9. Nice post, It's been on my list.
  10. Wrong type of frog. I have lot better luck with leopard frogs then green, mink or wood frogs. Keep them in a leech tamer. I use them under a float, tons of fun.
  11. Use BAM cleaner with bleach in it to get the water line off the boat, works wonder's when running in stand water. Spray on wipe off but don''t get on your carpet.
  12. Filet the bigger suckers just like a eye and then cut chunks out of that and freeze for later use. If using sucker minnows just put some gashes in the side to get some juices flowing or just give them a squish with your foot. Always freeze unused bait for next time. Don't forget about frogs.
  13. shoot me an e-mail ([email protected]). You fish the river in C-town?
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