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  1. Good shape tonneau cover. Fits 02-08 dodge quad cab bought a topper so dont need it. Sw mn
  2. beaver11


    is your furnace undersized?
  3. beaver11

    Air Conditioner winter prep

    just put a piece of wood on top with a small brick on it.if its totally covered mice find it to be a nice place in the winter and could chew on wires also
  4. beaver11

    Armor Flex for home A/C unit?

    both your lines should'nt be condensating.just your suction line(the big one)the little one (liquid line) should be warm to the touch. check your filter make sure thats clean.could be low on freon or undersized for your house also.
  5. beaver11

    Gas gauge not working on Alumacraft-Help!

    try to tighten your wing nut on your battery. had the exact same thing happen.all the other gauges worked but the gas gauge.i just tightend the wing nut a little more then it worked.
  6. beaver11

    Long line trolling?

    from my understanding if you let your line out to much your lure will start to run higher in the water column
  7. beaver11

    air conditioner

    i would get a few more estimates.seems a little high..if u put an air handler in your attic thats only going to cover your upstairs. not much difference in a window unit to a mini split besides the thing hanging in your window and cheaper to run. you'll still have the ac lines and drain running outside your house.
  8. beaver11


    just wondering what u guys use for backpacks.i have three feather flex decoys that i'd like to store in the main compartment.i can't seem to find one big enough.thanks for your help
  9. beaver11

    washer hopping

    we had the same problem.called the store where we got them and they put on some heavy duty legs.they must of had problems with em cause they came out the same day and put a different syle on
  10. beaver11

    Bats in attic, Removal?

    find where there coming in and use sticky traps. it works but sometimes there still alive.just used a bb gun on em
  11. beaver11

    REAL Opening Results...

    20 rooties in an hour an half..private ground sw mn
  12. beaver11

    Running the Dog

    thanks that was very helpful. i looked before but just looked under public lands
  13. beaver11

    Running the Dog

    just wondering if it's legal to run your dog in a WMA or public hunting land to get some exercise before the pheasant season.or is there a time period? thanks