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  1. Hey I noticed there is a now a V-front RV model of True North Ice Houses. Wondering what people think of it. I'm looking for a multiseason camper/ice house, and this may be the ticket! Now just need to upgrade from my Tacoma to a full size pickup.
  2. I believe the boating app is temporarily pulled from the App store during to issues with some sort of compatibility. Hope it is resolved in time for ice fishing season.
  3. Frabill has their new 2014-2015 catalog on their site. Side entry Flip over shelters. Two new ice rod cases (a lite and heavy duty one) New straightline reels. Might have to check out the new rod cases, looks like there are slots for the rods. Wish they had done side entry flipovers a long time ago. Neat idea.
  4. I run two batteries hooked in parallel in my Ice Castle. Double the amps easily this way and still keep 12 volts. It works best if you have two new batteries at the same time, as the older battery will wear down the newer battery. Make sure you don't hook them in series though.
  5. yes. I tried braid and Nanofil, never liked it for ice fishing. Too stiff and still soaks water and freezes. My favorite now is P-line, best of both worlds. fluorocarbon coated polymer line. Clear and supple.
  6. My favorite rod that is not custom made is the TFO ice rods. Desinged by G. Loomis, they don't have the sticker shock of G. Loomis either. Jason Mitchell will get the job done, but when they snap on you and you replace it, you might as well have gotten a better made rod in the first place. I stay away from St Croix myself. It all depends on what's comfortable to your hand. But in ice rods, you do get what you pay for.
  7. I saw SM is coming out with the Honda 10". Is it the same motor as last years? There was some talk that the rpm wasn't has high as a 2-stroke. So I wonder how it would handle a bigger 10" bit?
  8. I've also been a big fan of Fenwick recently before TFO now. I just can't stand the handles of St Croix. i prefer handles with a grip, don't like gripping the reel seat attachment part.
  9. Look at TFO (Temple Fork Outfitters). Started into them at the end of last fall. Very nice for the money. Think G. Loomis without the price tag. It's designed by him too.
  10. Wow Thanks! Yes I noticed today that my lines are thicker than they probably should be at sensitivity of 2-3. And thats a small ratso with a waxie. I caught a small perch that was no longer than my pinkie and it displayed a big mark. I'll contact them. Need a new arm now too as mine broke.
  11. I guess I don't have as much time to fish as you. But I don't really see why different lakes should cause me to use different sensitivity readings. Even using it on Gull in 60ft of water with the lures I usually use, no change in sensitivity needed. Target ID never really did much for me anyways. I usually set sensitivity as low as possible to have my lure be blue, and even just to flicker blue is fine. Using ROYGBIV is much better as James Holst mentioned on his site. And if I have to up the sens no big deal. I was just stating I have not had to up the gain, and wondering if anyone else has had the same experience. At least I didn't update with the wrong update file and have flickering issues lol. Did those guys ever fix the issue or did they have to send it into Marcum?
  12. Nothing different then before. up to 60 feet, using anything from tungsten jigs to 5/16 jigging spoons. I've been using my lx7 since early last winter, and definitely no difference in sensitivity settings here. Otherwise the update is great. The only thing I noticed is on the vertical graph, the depth numbers will cause the red bottom reading to flicker behind it. Just cosmetical, but annoying still. Also, I wish the vertical zoom would use dynamic depth as well. Annoying to constantly be changing the zoom depth. I guess I'm spoiled already with dynamic depth now that it is working more properly!
  13. Funny. Am I the only who does not have to turn up the sensitivity after the update? Running an LX7 on 3.17 now. Still using sens 2 or 3
  14. Anyone know the difference in these? I see CoatesRV has the Salem Ice Cabin, and Hilmerson RV in Little Falls, MN has the True North Ice Lodge. Both look identical except for name and exterior styling. Both are made by Forest River. Is it just a case of different branding? I see lots of Salem Ice Cabins, but perhaps as Coates RV is closer to the Twin Cities. I am 10 minutes from Little Falls and Hilmerson RV, so that would make more sense in terms of service etc. Would like to know if anyone knows any difference in these models. I'd put a link, but I know I'm not suppose to so.
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