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  1. In thick cover or heavily used trails, try setting snares.
  2. Season is just getting going. Don't forget about the rest of this year!
  3. Nebraska, which is shorter lattitudinaly, has 4 duck zones and several different Canada goose zones, and again different snow goose zones all with different start dates with splits between. I think it's pretty common practice, and it makes perfect sense to me for MN to utilize these splits. In my area (west central MN), the best mallard and combo goose/mallard field hunting is undoubtedly at the end of November.
  4. From 2012 waterfowl regs: Taking in Open Wat er A person may not take migratory waterfowl, coots, or rails in open water unless that person is: a) within a natural growth of vegetation sufficient to partially conceal the person or boat, or pursuing or shooting wounded birds (while in compliance with watercraft restrictions), or c) on a river or stream that is not more than 100 yards in width. Not sure what the legal description of "sufficient to partially conceal" means though.
  5. Where are you located at? I'm guessing N.P. is New Prague? I think there is a Hunting Retriever club near Prior Lake. In my opinion, joining a club, which usually is very cheap, would be the best thing you could do. There will be a lot of people with varying degrees of expertise that can help you.
  6. Find a good roast and a crock pot, and your whole family won't go hungry.
  7. Nice work on the hunt! Nebraska archery season this year has been polar opposite from last year. Last year we started the year hunting in shorts, and the Toms were responding to calls and decoys. This year, all the decoys were still bunched up, and not interested in calls/decoys at all. It is more like hunting deer than turkeys.
  8. Anyone ever used them? I came accross their HSOforum the other day and they looked pretty nice and very reasonably priced. They looked similar to some of the St. Croix rods.
  9. Is it pretty easy to find places with enough current to keep the water open, but slow enough to be able to hunt?
  10. From MN DNR AIS Specialist: In short: To answer your question, as of July 2012, portable bait containers do NOT need to be drained when fishing through the ice, except when in VHS (viral hemorrhagic septicemia) designated waters. Currently, Lake Superior as well as the St. Louis River (downstream of the Fond du Lac dam) and the tributaries to Lake Superior (either the entire length of the tributary or on tributaries that have been posted upstream to the posted boundaries) are the only areas in the state that have VHS, but the designated infested waters list should be consulted occasionally, as it gets updated a number of times a year. Background: Prior to the June 2012 legislative session, everyone would need to drain all bait year-round, but in June 2012, it was decided to make an exception during winter when there was ice on the lakes. The reasoning is that the risk of transporting invasive species in water during the winter months is very low, with the exception of VHS, which is a virus that survives cold water (http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/fish_diseases/vhs.html). Current designated waters list: http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/eco/invasives/infested_waters.pdf Where the bait draining law are located in statute; see subdivision 4 (d): https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=84D.10 Unfortunately due to staff turnover and workloads, the DNR HSOforum has not yet been updated to reflect this change. This change should be occurring soon. I will send another email when the DNR HSOforum is updated. I am happy to answer any other questions you may have. Happy fishing! Christine M. Herwig Invasive Species Specialist
  11. Don't throw decoys out, just drop them straight down gently so they don't ever get submersed.
  12. How many people do you think actually do hide ducks in their boats or gear, or lie about their take? There is no way for a CO to determine whether a person is an honest hunter or a poacher just by talking with them. I have no issue with them wanting to thuroughly check a person/group's take. In no way do I envy the job duties of a CO. The ID issue however, should never be an issue with a CO. It should probably be a requirement that they pass an ID test before ever going in the field.
  13. Anyone getting excited for the early goose season this weekend? Been seeing any good feeds? Waterfowl seasons can't get here soon enough!
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