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  1. koWALLEYEski

    Beretta A300

    Anyone have this shotgun? I read a little about it on Field and Stream. Seems like it would be a great semiauto at a reasonable price. $725-825
  2. koWALLEYEski

    Benelli M1 semi auto question

    Thanks for the input. I was thinking he was nuts for 900 and I offered 500. He wouldnt budge off the 900. Oh well. Again thanks for the discussion.
  3. koWALLEYEski

    Benelli M1 semi auto question

    ok you guys are probably right on the 3 inch. Not sure what year it is, he is pretty firm on selling it for 900. Thing is, I know I could go to Scheels and get one cheaper than that. Just that this one is mint
  4. koWALLEYEski

    Benelli M1 semi auto question

    Anyone know how much a guy should pay for this gun? 3 1/2 in. not sure oni barrel length. 3 choke tubes. Synthetic stock, comes with purchase box, less than a box of shells gone through it.
  5. koWALLEYEski

    moving to new areas

    sometimes wildlife areas are even better than private lands. You just have to do your homework to find the right location. Only thing...you might be dealing with other hunters in your situation.
  6. koWALLEYEski

    Explain your name...

    my last name is kowalski and walleye is my game "koWALLEYEski"
  7. koWALLEYEski

    Public Hunting Areas near Mankato?

    I know the river runs by New Ulm and I saw some prime hunting land.....is there any closer to Mankato than new ulm?
  8. koWALLEYEski

    Reflex Bows

    I also have a reflex buckskin and I love it for the price. I shot my first deer with it. i wouldnt shy anyone away from a reflex.
  9. I am going to school in Mankato next fall, just wondering if anyone knows of any good public hunting areas near there to bow hunt whitetail.....thanks
  10. koWALLEYEski


    I used an old white sheet and just wrote my numbers on it. I pinned it up with 4 safety pins. Works for me i guess
  11. rocky if it is still avaliable i could find a home for it. ill watch the thread to see what happens
  12. koWALLEYEski

    Cards getting closer on deal with Jason Schmidt

    saw today that schmidt went to the dodgers.
  13. koWALLEYEski

    What's workin' now Ice...

    anyone use chubby darts or raps for big crappies? I caught a few on a number 5 rapala. Didnt catch numbers but did catch some nice crappies
  14. koWALLEYEski

    Report Your Archery Kill - 2006

    shot my first buck with my bow this season before opener of gun. Dent, Minnesota
  15. koWALLEYEski

    First flock

    lots of birds around west central with all the wheat being chopped. Its gonna be a murdeer