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  1. very nice of you to make your HDS your loaner unit!!! I would be scared to use someones HDS for fear of replacement cost!!
  2. it is an expensive conversion in my opinion. however I did do it so I would have a second unit of the GF or anyone else that comes along that does not have one. I use my vex and think it is much better that the lowrance for ice fishing. I did save some money one way. FF had the grey end power cord on clearence for $5.00 I did not know if it would work but it looked the same as my blue one. so i bought it anyways and it worked fine. I think the grey cords may be old stuff for lowrance so you can find deals on them. when it comes down to it you will most likely spend 100-150 dolers for the complete conversion. much cheaper than a flasher...but you risk breaking you boat locator and we have all heard or expierenced the customer service with lowrance when we need a fix. My suggestion after doing it is buy a used flasher, or a lower end model flasher and just have 2 different units.
  3. pulling a heavy loaded porty will be difficult in deep snow. I built some runners that gets the porty up about 1 foot, so it isnt pushing snow. i did it with conduit and it helped alot. like said before, it has it's limitations, but if you have a budget, it is worth it...better than dragging the shack. just know there will be times you cant get out becasue of too much snow. usually after a few windy days, and alittle sun, that snow packs down hard enough that you can just ride on top of it. i second the fun factor of the 3 wheeler! i think they are much more fun to ride. the old hondas are very dependable! you may have to fix a little thing here and there, but usually they start and run really good. i would recommend nother smaller that a 185, but suggest going to atleast the 200. have fun with it if you puchase one!
  4. thanks for the sugestions. see it pays to have it looked at from someone elses eyes. call me stupid but i never saw it that way. i still would like to consider adding a winch for second/backup system. so if either fails, i am not stuck. I am open to some more input. thanks guys for sheding light to this point.
  5. I am in the process is making my yearly changes to my drop-down shack. One of the things I want to do is convert to a drop-down tongue so I can leave to hitched to the truck. I know there are many people out there that have had problems with them and I was hoping to learn from you. I know there are many different systems out there, but I was wondering if you would share what is working for you. Currently I have a two-piece tongue as you can see in the picture. I know I will have to take a 45 degree cut off the back of the top tongue to make it able to pivot up. I also plan to mount the winch towards the hitch on the top tongue because there is too much stuff in the way to mount it towards the rear. Soooo.... What is the best system to do? I can put one pully on the top tongue and run the cable down through the tongue down to the lower tongue to an anchore point. I fear this will require a lot of effort to crank it up. I thought about mounting another pully on the bottom tongue and running the cable back up to the top tongue and anchore it, thinking this would reduce the load. I know there is a lot smarter people out there with this kind of stuff, hoping you have some input. If you have pictures of yours, that would even be better. and thoughts???? Shot at 2009-09-10
  6. I use the lazer blade on mine and you will have zero problems. it is scarry fast with any blade, so using a different blade by any other brand will make a small difference. as long as the blades are sharp, i would say use what you have.
  7. I would like to do that but I think i am converting to HB next year due to my 5 difficulties with lowrances customer service. I just want to know if I am going to spend $1500-3000 on a product, that the company I spend my money with will off take care of the customer. but thats another story. besides $40 for an hour meter is alot cheaper than all the network cables. It is kinda odd to me that since all the suggested maitaince is at hour intervals in the manual, why they dont put a visable hour meter on the motor. The $40 part would be worth adding.
  8. I was wondering if there is a way I can tell how many hours there are on my 07 optimax. I want to put an hour meter on it but I think there may be about 100 hours on it so far. I want to run the hour meter seperate from the motor so I can get an accurate total when I install it. I assume there is a computer onboard that will tell the current usage. is that so and can I access that? if not, any idea how much it would be for a dealer to hook it up and tell me how many hours the motor has on it? thanks
  9. for my crestliner, i bought a small touch up bottle of black pain that was for toyota. i think i got it at fleet farm or wally world. the black matches perfectly. it has a brush connected to the handle. i use it for rock dings from going down thw road and a couple of big scraches from docks. it is a great cheap fix. you cant notice it unless you are really looking at the paint close. i did not put any coat over the top and i have been using multiple times for a year now. $3.00 for the paint. the scratches are not bad enought to pay for a new paint job, so this is great for now. now, if they only made decal touch-up paint! while on the subject, just to put a warning out there from my past expierence. my new boat took it's worst beating when i was up at voyager national park spending a week on a houseboat. you pull your fishing boats behind the house boat, and we were pulling 2 boats. we had bumpers between the 2 boats but they still managed to ding each other up. if i was to do it again, i would take a piece of 3 foot pvc tubing and run a rope through it and put clips on both ends. then connect the 2 boats at the rear cleats or tiedown hooks. this would provide a ridged seperation between the 2 boats so they could not touch. i would also wrap the tubing with a pad or one of those swimming nodles to pad the hard tube. just thought i would throw that out there.
  10. Just an update...I tried the wd40 without success. ended up taking it to a motor parts store that rebuilds starters. it was exactly what most of you were saying. the gear was stuck on the shaft. i just had them replace the gear itself and lube it up. now it works fine. the cost for them to fix the starter after i brought it in was $44. I think i could of taken care of it the mself, but i was worried once i took apart the starter to get to the shaft, i would have not been able to get it back together correctly. thanks for your input!
  11. Ring gear area?? is that just the area below the gear? I assume since ther is not any other areas of moving parts exposed. thanks
  12. I have an 94 evinrude 25 hp and i am having problems with the starter. the starte runs (spins at full speed), but does not pop up and engage to turn over the engine. it did this earlier this year but then just started working again on its own. tonight it acted up again. do you guys have any ideas what is causing this? do I need to have the starter looked at or is it something with the solinoid??? thanks
  13. also, if on starbird side, it may get in the way of seeing in front of you if you have a stearing wheel on that side. typically you are a little to that side also if you have a tiller so i would say it makes your vision less obstructed
  14. I have another question along those lines. I knew my license was good till end of april, but i went ahead and bought my 09 license today anyways. i notice it says it expires on feb 28th of 2010. so do those that buy a license may 1st only get a 10 month license? i hope i didnt by mine too early so i lost a couple of months.
  15. I made my own out of lycra/spandex material. If you know someone who can run a sowing machine, it took me about 3 hours start to finish. it fits tight trailering down the road. I made it to keep the bugs off and hopefully keep from getting scratched from having to scub the bugs off. I also put in a buckle strap at the base to tighted it up around the cowling. i would take a pic for you but the boat is in storage now.
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