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  1. I have to laugh at how MN manages its deer herd. Ridiculous is the first thing that comes to mind. There are so many ways the state could come up with more revenue from hunting licenses other than this.
  2. This year a lot of corn will be harvested before the beans. In the area I frequent, the beans look ready but a quick inspection of the pod will show you they have a lot of moisture in them yet(still green), while the plant itself was killed off due to a hard freeze. Same with corn, but most was farther along then the beans anyway. Moisture content varied from 16-28% depending on the type of soil. Another thing that may make this year an interesting harvest is there is a huge shortage of LP in southern MN due to a broken pipeline. So that may delay harvest for some being they cant dry there crop or it will be very expensive to do so. Hope that helps.
  3. Trail and error is the best way to learn. Turkeys will tell you a lot. If you can call in hens, you are doing a good job calling. I would learn to do a fly down cackle and work on cutting and your standard yelps and purrs. Just never try to sound like a nervous hen. Turkeys will go running the other direction no matter how hard they are hunted.
  4. How about a continuous season from april till may like a lot of states?
  5. It takes a lot of work and patience to kill a deer over 150"+ Some areas in SDakota are not capable of producing anything bigger than 120-140" 4x4's and 5x5's. IMO in most areas those are respectable deer. Genetics may play a small role, but forage, COVER, and nutrition play an even bigger role. While I have seen some dandy bucks along or near the missouri river. Times like now, ie. the rut, leave a lot of bucks VERY vulnerable to hunters especially when you can often times see miles in any direction. JMO
  6. Better management by the mndnr and selective harvest will lead to bigger deer and a healthier herd. I dont know if APR'S is the answer but it might be someplace in the right direction. Here in South Dakota, you have to apply for a buck tag, resident or not. I used to hunt in MN a lot and dont even care to anymore. Seems most people that hunted around our property felt if "its brown its down".
  7. looks like a dog to me. definitely not a cougar.
  8. Seems a little early for chasing but who knows, IMO we need a weather change for any real consistent action to start happening. My guess is a week or two and guys will start seeing some chasing happening.
  9. We usually dont have too many sows in the area we hunt for some reason but this year we have two on camera and one has triplets the other has twins. Hopefully a big boar will come chase them out, otherwise I would say you will have a tough time getting rid of them unless you abandon the bait.
  10. I guess its kind of tough. Cutting logs to around 6 ft is a good gauge. Honestly, once you see a large boar, you will be able to tell. Small bears act different, their ears will appear on top of their head vs a large bear will almost appear on the side of their head if that makes any sense. Its tough when you have them right there in front of you, but take a few breathes and take time to judge the animal.
  11. from mid october they are one of the best things to have up in the tree, out here in the dakotas decoys work great out in the open. I always have my grunt call and use the decoy on a regular basis come november.
  12. Hey guys, I just got a few new spots for the upcoming archery season and want to get some stands hung very soon. I have a few ideas but was hoping to get some more input from you. Any ideas would be great thanks. The property boundaries are outlined in red.
  13. Aluminum is a good option for light duty hauling. Like Dozer said, over time aluminum will fatigue and develop weak spots. It doesn't rust but can become brittle. Personally I have owned both a prefer steel because they can take much more abuse than an aluminum trailer. Also, with new powder coating and other options on steel trailers, they last a long long time with the proper maintenance. Just my opinion.
  14. I am a firm believer in my strutting decoy. Just a warning, there will be some subordinate toms who wont like the decoy but I cant live with that. Watching the interaction of the big boys that come in is worth losing a few birds that dont like the decoy.
  15. A turkey is a turkey. In the spring a toms main goal is to breed as many hens as possible. Be patient....sit the tom out, if he gobbles he knows you are there. When he's finished up with his hens he will come investigate your calling, even if its an hour, two or even three. So be patient and pay attention to the small details. Use the most realistic decoys you can afford, style of calling, and hunter position are key.
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