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  1. JJN1196

    Black Friday ice gear

    Picked up a Clam Bigfoot xl4000T from Glen's 269.00 free shipping.
  2. JJN1196

    Is it worth getting a (Recon) FL22 ?

    I Love my FL22.IMO its the best unit for Hard water if you Do Not fish over 60ft.Wich i never will.Vexilar will always be able to service them.
  3. JJN1196


    My lazer mag did the same thing.I put a new spark plug in it and it works great.
  4. JJN1196

    Clam ice fishing seat/bag ANybody get one yet?

    I purchased The Clam Chair from Reeds.I keep all pockets full and fold it up.Then I place it inside my 5600 when that is closed up.Works Great!
  5. JJN1196

    Buddy or Mr. Heater

    I think a BIG BUDDY would work just fine.
  6. JJN1196

    ice show directions?

    Two seperate buildings.
  7. JJN1196

    Limey Louie

    I'm not sure about that metro!
  8. JJN1196

    2006 FM NASCAR Fantasy Challenge??

    Just got hooked up .Sounds like this will be fun!
  9. JJN1196

    Limey Louie

    Just wondering if any one has or uses these Buckets and if so ,would like to sell it?
  10. JJN1196


    I talked with Vex and Marcum at the show and Decided on Marcum.The post Matt Johnson posted helped me with that decision. Thanks Matt.
  11. JJN1196


    Lazer Express 8 inch. Ditto on Hansons post.
  12. JJN1196

    Gordon versus Jr picks

    24 ,The best car at the end the season by far!