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  1. with all this new snow id like to do a little riding, however its quite spend to rent a sled on the north shore (210/day) any places around the metro that rent by hour or 6 hour block? maybye anyone looking to make a little extra cash.???. just looking to take my girl out for some trail riding for a few hours.
  2. I had some potato crusted panfish at a game feed and would like to find a recipes so if you had that or something like it help. thanks krop
  3. can I hunt crow and upland here and why cant I find it on the dnr map?
  4. anyone going to go crow hunting? I cant wait to get out the to try my new call! Im also ready to get back out side winter is getting long! NO MORE SNOW AND 70 SOON krop
  5. can anyone thell me how planer boards work? how do I get the lure to run at depth that I want? how do they keep the lines off the side of the boat? Are the better then them snap on the line one? thinking about buying so and Im have a hard line finding info if any on knows of a small book and mag that I can get and where to get it let me know!
  6. Im thinking about putting my calcutta 150 on my new st croix muskie rod with 65lb spider wire. Do you think I will be happy with this set up? Or would I like a Abu Garcia Ambassadeur? I have to find some thing to do Im so sick of being in this house! thanks for the help Jeff krop
  7. The new Reg is a good idea in THEORY. sure it would be nice to have a lake full of only trophy walleye. but what happens when everybody gets their trophy, then its another 5 years untill it cycles to that again. Now here is whats so great about up north walleye fishin, the people willing to spend 1500$ on a trip to winnie are the conservitive sportsman who fish mostly for sport (yeah we all love a nice slice of walleye) but within the metro area there are the fish horders we've all seem them, we've all wanted to kick over that bucket of 60 baby fish( for what they spent on bait they could of baught a decent bag of frozen filets). the bottom line here is what eyechaser says; a reg like this needs enforcement. id be glad to let the DNR measure my catch. I hope he also says somthing to that guy robbing the lake of producers.
  8. Hello i may be new to this forum but in not new to walleye fishing, the 2006 regs are 1 walleye over 20' now to me a 20' walleye is a nice fish and a fine meal. Now i can undestand that they would like every walleye lake to have trophy size eye's but is it being micro managed?. I love catching my limit just as much as the guy on the dock with a bucket full of bullheads and baby sunnies- and those are forage fish. Anyone else here disagree with the new 20' limit? who here has a favorite walleye lake were they all seem to be over the limit by a inch or more? thanks, Jeff
  9. maybe a 7mm or a 22-250 maybe a 308 win?
  10. there is alot to picking a gun then. how can some one have the right gun or find out witch one to pick when every one has some thing diffent to say! but I really just wanted to know about the bobcat. I dont care about the gun! I just going to go to cabelas and pick one when I have $700 saved up!
  11. I wont to get a lab and have been looking and thinking that would be good for me. but im was wondering if any one has a dog form oak ridge kennels? how much is a dog from them? are they good dogs? thanks Jeff
  12. there are a few guy at work that say there are no bobcats in minnesota. and that you will never get one to come in from a call! one guy says he has been hunting for 40 years and never even seen one. what do you think I would like to try. I'm also thinking of buying a 30-06 for yotys and fox and deer and bobcat what do you think? Thanks Jeff
  13. ya valv I mite be into that if you done mind hunting with a new be Im 24 years old and have not hunted much. because I dnt rilly have any one to hunt with. so if you dont mind and would like a hunting partner let me know
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