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  1. Huh? What are you guys talking about? Getting the itch yet for ice-fishing? You mean it's not ice-fishing season anymore? Holy dump!!! What month is this? I was wondering why I had this nasty heat rash going on, maybe I need to take the snowpants and longjohns off. That would explain why my waxworms turned into moths. Maybe if I take a second mortgage out on my house that would be enough for rent on the local ice rink until the lakes freeze up again... I heard on the weather channel that out West was getting some snow in the higher elevations, anyone up to a road trip!!?
  2. Haven't heard of any yet, will let you know. I know about Ashland. Been there a few times already but not since the eyes turned on. Darn work and rain/wind!!!!!
  3. I've used the banjo minnow on bass with good success. But as stated above the lure itself didn't catch the fish it is how the lure is set up to present itself. It can be matched with other components for alot cheaper. Worth spending $60? Not really. Thankfully I used a friend's that got them when they first came out and spent the $60 on more usefull fishing equipt.
  4. bigyooper, where you from?
  5. C'mon, for us in the U.P. of Mich. this rainy, 50-60 degree weather is summer for us! A rainsuit, and a few extra clothes do the trick. Of course we don't take our longjohns off until August 3rd! Whatever the weather is, just fish! Good Luck to everyone!
  6. I have a springer and I don't hunt ducks with her but she proved her weight in gold for grouse. These dogs are amazing with their ability to learn training tactics right away. I trained mine myself and I am not an expert at all. These dogs just have a built in need to hunt. Their temperment is outstanding, very important if you have kids.
  7. Jim, thanks for the kind words. Even though the fish weren't as energenic as us, had a blast anyway.Any other smallies can't compare to the ones in the bay. Those brown beauties have twice the amount of fight that an ordinary bronze has. Myself and Joe learned a few new tricks, and that is what it is all about, learning things and having fun. Catching a few fish just added to the fun. Once the water warms up a bit and the crappy weather gets better we will have to hook up again. Look out walleyes!
  8. I had the honor of watching Al and partner fish a walleye tourney about 15 or so years ago on Cisco Lake in the U.P. of Michigan. I was in my late teens and fishing the tourney with my Dad. We heard through the grapevine that Al was up here fishing the lake. About halfway into the day I saw his tell tale Lund and "old school" In-Fisherman hat. Of course this was a huge thing for me at that age. Being on the same lake as "the" Al Linder. Watched him run and gun until he found the "spot" he wanted and proceded to pull up fish. Of course I had to have Dad motor up close and take a few casts. Got a wave from Al and I was in heaven. Since then that has been my little joke, that I fished with Al. His philosophy on fishing and the way his whole family incorporates the Good Lord into their work and lives has been an inspiration to me for a long time.
  9. Jim, got your mail, shot one back. Nice 'eye. This weather stinks doesn't it? Did a little stream trout fishing this evening, was nice walking in the snow we have up here in the U.P.....NOT!!
  10. I'm available May 16th-20th, 25th,26th and then I have long weekends, the first two in June. Took vacation for the Michigan walleye opener, but that pales in comparison to fish the "hog" pond! Mail me if need any details.
  11. Muleskinner, if I can borrow a saying from a known comedian: "I don't care who you are, 'dat 'dere is funny!". I laughed so hard I had to go to the can! O.K. I get the hint, carp good to fish for fight, bad for the tastebuds. And M.T., pike are good if you pickle them or grind them up for patties. I tried a recipe for Italina Pike once, tomato sauce and cheese, baked..... Italian food has no place for fish!!!
  12. Thanks to all info and suggestions. Got a good laugh anyway, those poor carp! Basically it is a win-win situation, if I don't like the carp, the garden will do well!
  13. Jim, count me in for a night troll for big 'eyes. How 'bout it outdoor ran and fishing chef?!! Jim my email is [email protected] , shoot me an email about possibly getting together for this. Later, Yooper.
  14. I have a Springer Spaniel that would not get in the water that was over her head, even as much as she wanted too she would not go into water that she could not touch the bottom. I took the "throw her off the dock approach" and I advise don't do it unless you are prepared to get wet. It didn't hurt her in any way and she ended up loving the water after the incident but luckily I did it at my Grandpa's pond for I had to strip down to my bloomers and go get her. She did the dog paddle with the front feet but didn't use her back legs at all. Imagine a dog that is straight up and down in the water, splashing around just going around in circles in one spot. It was rather funny to see. I got in and held her and had to teach her how to swim. I supported her with one arm under the chest and with the other moved her back legs. She got the idea and before you knew it she was off and swimming! Thought I was the only one with a dog that couldn't swim. Like mentioned before, be patient and if all else fails, jump in and give lessons!
  15. P.S. I have heard that the night bite is good out on the bay but never tried it yet. Me and my fishing bud are going to try it this summer. Will try the magnum rapalas to see if the big boys prefer bigger baits, something close to whitefish,suckers,small trout that they probably feed on. I would think anyway.
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