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  1. We go out at midnight as well we troll with perch floating raps in the shallow water and do very well. It can be tough for a first timer getting tangled on everything and casting in the dark is a no no, hard to tell when your line is hooked on the Rap and causes a major twist so just dropping into the water and releasing line as you go is the best option.
  2. Thoose arent me oars their my wife and daughter
  3. I worked for a large propane company for many years and have been filling my 1 lb'ers for years without incident. Its like anything dangerious you need to use caution when doing it, in order to have a "flash fire" you need to have 3 components fuel (propane) oxygen and a source of ignition any one of those is missing you have no fire. I place a drop of oil in the valve hole prior to re-filling to lube the valve and have never had one leak yet. I woludn't recommend this for everyone but then again I am a propane professional and have been trained on the dangers involved and how to deal with them. Thats just my .02
  4. Lake George has a really nice park right off of Round Lake Blvd north of Andover Its a county park so you have to pay a access fee to enter or you can buy a season pass for 25.00
  5. If I plan on being around the wife after I clean a few fish I put on a pair of rubber gloves that I get for gutting my deer. I get a supply from the doc when ever I go see him, I don't even ask anymore he just grabs a handful and hands them over.
  6. I've worked in the propane industry for years and I fill my 1 pounders all the time. I think it works great, as far as re-filling them goes its not illegal to re-fill them just to transport them on the roadways (splitting hairs I know) The trick is to not overfill them and get greedy by trying to fill them too often. After 3 or 4 fills each the valve will start to get weak and will develop a leak, and it needs to be tossed. However any release of product can be dangerous if in the wrong enviorment (source of ignition) especially if its liquid as it expands to 370 times its volumn in vapor. I would reccomend unless your tained in this field that you leave it alone and don't do it.
  7. We built one in the past we used metal studs and aluminum sidding then we insulated it with that foil backed hard board 1 inch thick insulation. That foil really reflects the light from our lanterns so the whole house lights up nice. We've just added electric (12volt) lights this year. Our house is light enough that a wheeler has no problem moving it around.
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