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  1. My dad and uncle have been hunting out of Prichard's about once a week. More hunters than ducks for some reason lately.
  2. Blackduck

    Force fetch

    Jbell, I had the same problem with my lab. He would retrieve ducks in the water, but not birds on land. He was very hesitant and had a very soft mouth when it came to picking birds up off of the ground. Ducks on water all he had to do was swim and open his mouth, but he was so soft that he would just "mouth" birds on the ground, and if a duck landed in the weeds forget it, he wouldn't pull it out, and that just don't fly with me. I LIKE DUCK! I went through FF with him and that totally solved the problem. This is only my second dog, and the first that I have FF, and I must admit that even though there were some very mentally trying times for me and my dog, it was a great thing for both of us. Although most people in this post seem to disagree, I feel it really was a great and very bonding step in our training. I think I learned more than he did. I really learned a lot about dogs and body language. That really helped when we moved on in training and you learn to read if he's not trying, or actually confused, stressed by the situation, too tired, etc... It really helped us work better as a team, and make our training time more productive. I have always thought that my dog is "soft", and during FF wondered if I was doing the right thing, but when it all clicked it was great. And to this day I can wreck a training session with my mouth quicker than I can with any kind of "pressure". I think that's because during FF, CC, etc... a dog learns to deal with pressure, and not shut down, but do what needs to be done to turn the pressure off. So, once you teach them about pressure it actually helps them focus and complete the task much better. I feel that in order to expect a delivery to hand the dog needs to be taught what is expected of him. Kinda went off track, but I hope that helps?
  3. I go 20, 30, 40, 50. I really don't see a need for the 10 since I am only about an inch high at 10 with the 20 pin. I have 4 pins, and to be honest I don't know that I will ever use the last 2 pins in a hunting situation where I hunt. Conditions would have to be very good for me to even consider a 40 yard shot at this point in my shooting game. Your 20, 35, and 50 sounds confusing to me, but that's just me. If you come up with a system, practice, and it works good for you then I say go for it. One other thing I have learned is to practice judging distances in all kinds of terrain and then finding out how close you really were. That I believe is just as important as being able to put it where it counts. (when you already know the yardage)
  4. Well put Mr. Seaguar! I am a duck hunter and walleye fisher. I do deer hunt, but I am a meat hunter, and have no desire what so ever to harvest big game out of state at those prices. I simply want a deer or two every year because we love the ven, and that's pretty easy to do right at home. It's interesting the hear other people's thoughts because I never looked at my boats that way. A guide would probably in fact be cheaper if you go once or twice a month. I guess if money were no object we would have our cake and eat it too. You got me thinking??
  5. If you plan to buy a license, and go out in the field, why not take your own deer?? Sounds like you have the groundwork started with the love of venison, you may find out that you are a hunter and love that as well.
  6. It's just like anything else these days. As long as the people keep climbing over each other to spend the money the price won't drop.
  7. I am sending back my "Second" Expedition C. First one wouldn't stay on when plugged in with the power cord. I sent that one in and they sent it back to me and stated it was fixed. Plugged it in (with new power cord and all) Unit would blink and not even power up. I phoned them again and they told me to send it back in. I informed that I have lost confidence in the unit and would like a new one or a refund. New Expedition C sent to me. This one worked great for 3 months. Other day it just lost signal for some reason and started to Aquire and Lose signal over and over. I would have little purple dots for a trail. Tried everything I could think of, and with a call to Lowrance I am going to send this unit in as well. Went on a fishing trip in June without the Expedition, and as luck would have it I am leaving on a hunting trip on the 29th, and probably will be without it again. These things are not cheap! I really like the Expedition C a lot better than my Garmin GPS 72, but seems kinda funny that I always have my 72 along "Just In Case". I think it is trying to tell me something. I am wanting to use this unit, but have no confidence in it any more. I like everything about it except the reliability. As far as the color option, I use it with an alternate power source almost 100% of the time, so the backlight is nice to use all the time.
  8. I agree with Labs! I FF my dog last winter/spring, and it was my first time and everything seemed to be going smooth. It came back to bite me. I didn't know how much pressure to use, and was always afraid of "wrecking" my dog. Long story short, he wasn't nearly as sensitive as I thought he was. I had problems with him picking up ducks in the spring. Per a very respectable handler I went back and reviewed FF, and then did it with ducks. He is now rock solid. I follow Mike Lardy's training program. I would definately get a program to follow. This is my second dog, but my 1st with actually following a training program. My first dog was a great hunting partner for 12 seasons, but I already know my 2 year old better than my first dog, and formal training is why!
  9. Personally I would go with the Remington 870 Express. It's the same as the wingmaster without all the pretty stuff on it, and way less expensive. I would take the money saved and put it into a good rifled deer barrel to go along with it. I would also go with the Super Mag (shoots 2 3/4 inch up to 3 1/2 inch shells) Just in case you ever go for Turkey or Geese. Just my opinion.
  10. riverrat56, If you are not the only person that has permission to hunt then it is a horrible thing to do to leave your decoys out. I would take that as a sign that you think you have more rights to the area than other people that also have permission to hunt there. I have seen this many times, and it often leads to the farmer not letting anyone hunt there becuase of guys that pull that kind of dump. Now, if you honestly thought you were the only people with permission (which sounds like your case, sorry) than that's a different story. You thought you were okay leaving them out, and sounds like you guys worked it out which is good to see! I guess I was a little harsh because the private land I hunt I know the farmers real well, and this has happened to me and the farmer has told me to go ahead and hunt in the decoys, or toss them along the fence line, or do whatever you want with them, they shouldn't have been left out there. And if they show up and have a problem, send them over to the barn, or up to the house and I'll take care of it. Anyway, I didn't mean to come off as a bad azz, this topic just hit me as I have delt with this in the past. Usually if not worked out between the hunters it ends with a lost field for all. Farmers don't have the time in the fall for anything like that.
  11. I would have hunted in the dekes if I were you!! Or better yet, "KINDLY" move them out of the way. When more than one group has permission to hunt the same field it's very bad form to leave the dekes out while you are gone. That's a good way to get your dekes "KINDLY" stacked in fresh Cow sh--!
  12. I wouldn't worry about "Keying" the dog into the fact that birds are coming, in fact, you definately want the dog to "Key" in on the fact that ducks are coming. Your dog should watch the sky when you call. After some time in the blind the dog will key in on everything you do. Weather you say here they come, get down, cut em, etc... If my dog is sitting looking at me and not watching the sky, all I have to do is reach over and grab my gun and he fixes on the sky. When I can fit it in I will tell my dog to "watch em" while ducks are working. Alot of people say mark while ducks are coming. If you do not take care of this problem ASAP you will probably have to live with it for ever. My brother has a buddy that no one will hunt with anymore if he brings his dog because of this. This is his second dog that has done this, and he did nothing to stop the first dog and it did it it's whole life. You could try not letting the dog retrieve when it whines. Maybe haulting the retrieve until the dog settles down. A spray bottle with water to the face when whinning. Is the dog collar conditioned? Maybe a quiet-nick. Remember, a dog needs to know what it's being corrected for before it can make the correction. You could call a trainer and I'm sure they could help you out a lot more.
  13. This is very common if the gun was stored at the factory or in the store in a damp place. They come with a healthy layer of grease on them, but that doesn't cover everything. Those boxes they are stored in don't keep moisture out at all. Are you storing the gun in a basement or other place where the humidity changes a lot? I have found the best protection is healthy dose of oil, and an enclosed gun cabinet with a humidity/heat stick in it to keep the temp up and the humidity down. If the gun is new I would try and take it back and exchange it for a new one. If they do the exchange for you make sure to look the new one over very well before leaving the store with it.
  14. USPENAMC, I read one of your other posts and if your looking for a good auto loader in the $600 range, Cabelas in Owatonna, MN are selling remaining Winchester Super X 2's in the 3" Mag for $599.99.
  15. Cabelas in Owatonna, MN has them. I looked at one this past Thursday. They are priced at $279.99, and if you want my honest opionion after looking at it and holding it, they are asking about $200 too much for them. Cheap looking/feeling parts, was very front heavy (that's without shells in it too) fit and finish was hard to look at. The lettering looks like it was done with a dremmel tool and some white-out. I too see the HSOforum lists them for around $460, and I am wondering if some of the parts, and the fit and finish will be more appealing after this lot is sold?? Just my limited opinion. It may very well be as reliable as a Gold, or a X2, but I don't honestly think I will ever find out because I can't stand to look at them. Just my .02
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