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  1. surprised he still has his rack.. my sister hit a buck 3 days ago in the twin cities that had already lost his antlers.. great photo nonetheless!
  2. this second one looks like it is gold plated ha
  3. There is so much bunchberry but those bright red berries are so hard to pass up on.. You are correct, that is a kingbird, id say your a regular ornathologist!
  4. Where is Ely is Norex? Just moved in on Friday so im still trying to get my bearings in this little big town. Any idea how much it might cost me to repair this or what this part of the camera is called?
  5. So somehow, i lost the inner pieces of my camera. I dont know much about the different parts but there is suppossed to be two glass mirrors on the inside where the lens connects to the camera... Honesty, i have no idea what happened. I used it yesterday and took pictures. I took it out today to take a pic of a fish and the inside was gone. No broken glass or nothing, like it clean fell out. I hope its just an insert piece that i can replace. The camera is a Nikon D50. Anybody know what i need to get or where i can find it? Im in the Ely area, actually im in Ely so anywhere around town where i can show somebody and maybe get it fixed? thanks
  6. i got one on my back much like the quackhead logo but i got no pictures of it. .
  7. Finally got out the other day and found some open water where some mallards were and got the oppurtunity to take some pics. . [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] This always seems to happen to me. . [image][/image] This guy also showed up for a bit. . never seen a pretty gadwall like this in full plumage. .awfully pretty. . [image][/image] This fella stopped for a bit too. .its cool to watch the ducks reaction when he/she swoops over the top. .he was pretty far away so this is the best pic i could get. . [image][/image]
  8. well i hope you post a pic of that once its all done with and back at your house. .congrats!
  9. Hey LOW, How was the guide service when it came to setting you guys up? Did they put you in pit blinds? what kind of field? Did they provide you decoys? Did they give you any tips before you went out? etc. . I would like to try the unguided hunt again this weekend and im thinking of trying out Top Gun, would you recommend? I just need some info and then i gotta find some people to come with me.. .if you wanna wait till Saturday-rooster?
  10. i have never hunted out of any of the public blinds but we went down on saturday to rochester and rented a field with pit blinds from Premier Flights. The setup was good and we saw thousands of birds but they were tough. With no snow, the birds were landing in every field so it was really hard to get them to work with you. We only got two birds and we hunted all day long. After talking with Dean Tlougan, the owner, we didnt do the worst, the other unguided group didnt even fire and their always productive north field(hamburger hill) only got six all day. If you do go down there, i would suggest going on the east side of the river and to the north more of the refuge and north of the infamous "hamburger hill". in the morning, all the birds came from this direction and they all headed that direction in the evening. Good luck if you do go!
  11. if you could email me the HSOforum so i can check them out, that would be awesome. . [email protected]
  12. Hey hattrk. . that has to be the most BAD A$$ Goose hunting decal i have ever seen. . where did you get a hold of that?
  13. We recently started buying the GHG decoys in the hunters-series which arent fully flocked but have flocked heads. In the field, nothing compares to the realism that they show compared to some of the bigfoots we have. They style (looker, feeder, active) has at least 3 different poses which create unbelievable looks in your decoy set-up. We only have bigfoot feeders which work fine with the flocked heads but for the lookers and the active poses. . nothing comes close. They are awesome and will last a long time if you take care of them. Heres a pic from this year. . its intent is to show how the decoys look in the field. . [image][/image]
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