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  1. I just started my countdown to bowfishing opener and it is coming quick. 36 days and the fiberglass will fly and the fish will die. I was just checking to see if I'm crazy or if there are other people that have the bug as bad as me, if there is anybody out there that thinks the same lets hear about it. I already have my boat set for the river. I prefer bowfishing out of my boat out on the river because those spots are untouched unlike the bridges that get pounded all day long.
  2. I have never heard of them, but if they are selling them at a place like Gander Mt. in MN they should be legal here. Did you try looking in the 2008 fishing regulations book?
  3. I made my own and they have worked fine so far. Yes, fish tend to tangle in them every now and again, but they are nice. They are easy to make too.
  4. Where could I get one of these? And about how much would it cost?
  5. I am looking for a kayak to use for fishing only. I have never owned one, but I rented one up in Lake of the Woods and I got addicted to it. I thought it was funner than fishing out of a boat. It was very peaceful and I could enjoy nature better than ever before. I don't want to spend more than $600, and I would like something around 12-15 feet. Any advice would help. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the help. The project isn't due untill Friday March 9. So the more replies I can get the better. The teacher couldn't believe I could go on a HSOforum and have people make a comsumer report for me. She gave me some bonus points for that. Thanks again. I would rate this site a 10 out of 5. (i hope my math teacher doesn't see this)
  7. I am in class right now and I need a consumer report on a Vexilar. It would be nice if you would put in your two cents on the Vexilar. Could you please rate it 1-5. 1 being bad, 5 being awsome, and then give a reason of why you rated it how you did. Thanks A Lot
  8. I was wondering what your favorite fish to catch through the ice is, and the biggest of that species caught through the ice. Mine favorite fish are walleyes and northerns. Northerns during the day and walleyes at night. Biggest northern through the ice is about 7 lbs., biggest walleye 9 lbs.
  9. jbird I see you are a life member to NAFC. I am also a life member.
  10. I went to the humane society and they had a 1 year old black lab. I had been there for about 2 months and its time was running out. It had less than a week before it got put down. I had to get it. I wanted to know if he could still be trained for hunting. If so could you tell me some techniques or training procedures.
  11. I sometimes use gulp maggots. I was using some neon green ones fishing for crappies and caught a five lb walleye.
  12. That would be nice. I have had my ice fishing stuff ready since the beging of september, I bought a bunch of ice fishing videos. They helped for a while, but now the only thing that can cure this is the real thing, sitting out on the ice pulling fish through a hole.
  13. I didn't like the bench seat either so I put in a boat seat. It turned out pretty nice.
  14. The forecast says cold starting next week. Lets hope it keeps up this time. Once it gets cold and stays cold it won't take much time for that ice to thicken up. It would be nice to get about 10-12 inches of ice before snow.
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