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  1. Isn't he the same guy that was involved in troy gentry shooting a tame bear? Not trying to start anything here just curious.
  2. Anybody here have any luck with no quota guides close to home? I would love to do it all myself but just don't have the land. Any help would be nice.
  3. I will apply for the first time next year and see what happens, I have a lot of friends that work at ripley and have pointed me in some good directions
  4. 870 scoped with federal trophy copper slugs in MN, and I haven't decided between my Abolt 30-06 or my tikka t3 lite in 308 for Wi. both guns I am shooting 150 grain hornady SST.
  5. well just a quick update, my dad went out and tested a buck bomb in a cedar thicket that I placed a ground blind in back in the spring. He just reached out of the blind and sprayed a half a can @ 1530, @ 1545 his biggest buck to date walked within 19 yards. great shot and forty yards later, the rest is history
  6. my dad is hunting WI right now and trails end #307 is working good, he was covered up with some small bucks that wouldn't leave. I have been using the same scent in my mock scrapes here by town and the scrapes never have leaves in them so I know they are being worked. I will probably switch to estrous scent on Thursday and see what happens Saturday morning.
  7. That's great but it doesn't do me any good until I can afford decoys and learn to call. I have used the guided trips to help lean decoy spreads etc....maybe one day when my kids are older I can spend the money on me and start going at it alone like you.
  8. I was out there with a guide on Sunday and they were saying only about 7 thousand geese are around. we shot five and saw a bunch but these birds have been tested and weren't interested in decoys. had a blast a hope some new fresh birds start moving down
  9. Okay guys back from LQP. Maxxed out guides are awesome!!! Hade a blast and will definitely be back later this year and probably a couple trips next year. My dad hasn't waterfowl hunted in 37 years and watching him turn into a big kid in the field made my entire hunt. we shot some birds and saw a ton. cant wait until some new birds start heading down. Knute and Kick were our guides, they were great at calling and the atmosphere was more like hunting with friends that anything. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested.
  10. I would never bad talk a guide service, cause it is called hunting and not just shooting. I just curious if any here has hunted with them and could tell me how it went
  11. Anybody ever hunt with these guys in LQP??? just curious, I have a hunt with them on Sunday and curious how anybody else's hunt went with them. Thanks
  12. Currently I am shooting with a red dot. I will be switching to a scope next year for sure. Hopefully I can pull my groups a little tighter too.
  13. Shot New federal trophy copper slugs, and was amazed. Three shots touching at 50 yards about one inch to 1.5 inches high dead center. Heading to the woods with these. Thanks for all advise
  14. any experience with the barnes blue tip expander, a buddy just gave me four boxes. 2 3/4" 3/4 oz tipped expander. Going to shoot them tomorrow. my longest shot is between 65 and 80 yards.
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