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  1. Had the same thing happen to me last summer in ely with my boat key. Day 2 of a 5 day trip to ely with the boat. Looked around for hours tore the truck, camper, boat apart, went through all my clothes, asked other campers if they had seen it, asked the front desk if any one turned it in. After four hours of looking for it I went into ely to find a merc dealer. But it was July 3rd, and of course he was out fishing. So i returned to the campground with thoughts of fishing from shore for the rest of the weekend. Then the wife chimes in " let me help you find if". Thats after 4 hours of searching and a trip to ely. She starts with the truck. She opens the glove compartment.."here it is". In my truck the only reason for a glove compartment is for the owners manual. She had put it in there that morning and didn't rember. I have defined this event as my most frustrating fishing event ever. Needles to say she let me go out for the rest of the day to work of the frustration.
  2. i'm usually twiching before I get boat back in the driveway after a full day of fishing.
  3. Any one know where i can find a used Sportsman 700 engine. Mine threw a rod thru the block, but i don't want to pay full price for a new one. Any suggestions would be great. Or
  4. All these suggestions and ideas are getting me excited for next year. So far I have only one person that thinks this would be fun. Northlander i'll look you up next fall if you would like to go along. It's nice to meet other FMers.
  5. Has anyone ever done a snowmobile in ice fishing trip? It's something I would like to try. Kind of like a boundary waters trip without conoe's or mosquitos and replace them with a snowmobile and ice flys. Any stories or tips on places I can try this would be fun to hear and appreciated.
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