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  1. Haug Hunter

    What's on your shelf?

    I like Allrecipies as well, but as far as books go I really like Famous Dave's Backroads and sidestreets.
  2. Haug Hunter

    .22 Pistol

    I'll second the Browning buckmark, its a nice handling gun. I got the camo model and love the unique look of it.
  3. Haug Hunter

    Vermilion or Cass Lake

    We have vacationed on Vermilion in early July the last two years and love it up there, beautiful lake and lots of fishing options. As for places to stay with kids, we have stayed at Everett bay lodge, nice cabins and the kids love the pool.
  4. Haug Hunter

    Grizzly cold weather starting?

    I have an '02 and when its really cold what seems to work best for me is to back off to about 3/4 choke and hold the throttle a little while starting, then you have to hold the throttle a minute or two until it will ilde smoothly on its own.
  5. Haug Hunter

    Building My Own Smoker...

    This is what I used for an idea for my smokehouse http://www.canr.uconn.edu/ansci/ext/build_smokehouse.pdf but I built mine out of 7/16" OSB and lined the inside with aluminum. For my heat source I bought a turkey fryer kit which really works well because you get the burner which you can control from outside the smoker. I put my wood chips in a cast iron pan on the burner. I am reall happy with how easy this setup has worked for me because building it was totally trial and error and I only have about $40 invested in it. If you want shoot me an email at [email protected] and I can send you some pictures of mine.
  6. Haug Hunter

    Venison Tenderloins

    I like to use Cavender's all purpose Greek seasoning. it even gets my 2 year old to eat venison, and she dosen't like anything.
  7. Haug Hunter

    Old Zercom colorpoint flasher?

    I've got a clearwater classic and fished quite a few times in the same house with a fl-8 and the interferance has been minimal.
  8. Like new 2005 Kawasaki Prairie 360, has selectable 4X4, dual range auto transmission, differential lock, red. I bought new last fall for my wife, has only seen the trails 3 times. Aside from a few light brush scratches on the fenders it is like new condition. It has always been stored in garage. Located in the Detroit Lakes area, but will deliver a reasonable distance. I'll take some pics tonight if anyone is interested. $3950
  9. Haug Hunter

    DNR sticker came off.. how to reattach?

    Not sure what would work best, but if you can't re-attach it you can get a replacement sticker for around $6 I think.
  10. Haug Hunter

    Lighting for two man portable

    I built my own light similar to the one shown above for about $8. I bought a cheap trouble light w/ a 25' cord, put a 12v rv lightbulb in it. Then I cut off the plug end and wired it to a ciggarette lighter type plug so I can run it off of my pickup or 4-wheeler 12 v plug.