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  1. Per Hubcat, Sounds like the issues I've had. Love it when it is lit but lighting can be frusterating for sure. I'm typically using a bulk tank with 6ft hose. Otherwise, I've had mine for 4+ yrs, never used a filter and love it. Works great behind my chairs in the flip over and the fan is a nice feature also. Anybody know if any improvements or tips have been found to help bleed the air out any faster? Should I just leave the tank on and connected to the buddy or could this be a hazard? Thanks
  2. I hear ya, why does everything have to be hurry up and wait...fishing trip is planned for next wed. in LOTW and I'm a bit concerned. Can't wait for the ice fishing show and make sure I'm all geared up for the highly anticipated first trip up North
  3. Frist trip is to LOTW going out of Zipple Dec 7th then visiting Red on the 15th - now it just has to get cold and I'll be in biz See ya up there!
  4. booshy

    Power augers

    I would love a nils, but do they ever go on sale? One post said they put a couple on hsolist, but I missed the post by a day and someone was saying they saw a price of $380 for a demo unit. From what I've read the nils just keeping getting better to use the more you use them. Any tips would be appreciated!
  5. booshy


    Didn't think I would see my old sorry post surface again... Not quite a month later and BAM...cold weather is coming. I heard -25 wiind chills this weekend, better dust off my heater
  6. Funny this finally came up...I lost my house license on LOW on a real windy day (day after my buddy got tagged for no license-$120 fine) So, I stumbled upon this situation myself when I got my duplicate replacement license. Then I got to thinking as well and now I use duplicate licenses. I don't fish them at the same time and can't figure how the DNR would ever be the wiser.
  7. and there it sits on my wall, hanging between every 3000 miles...I know where it will be sitting now (at least in the winter) Thanks
  8. I have always liked hooking them thru the back (middle of the minnow) but I also like the behind the head if the fish are just sucking on the minnow head. I know guys that hook thru the mouth, but I've never done that since it seems that it would be harder for the fish to inhale or approach the bait.
  9. Thanks for the reminder guys... My truck went in for some tranny work and long story short, the truck topper was crushed and back glass shattered. Worry was not the tranny or topper but the now destroyed FishingMN logo.. All has now been corrected and the new topper needs a new logo...ordered today!! Thanks
  10. booshy


    Here I sit at my computer on Jan 26th, watching rain accummulate on my office window. Unbelievable I guess it won't be hard to pull my portable on the lake this weekend. Should glide real nice over the standing water. However it does pose a bit a problem keeping the ol flip over down if the wind picks up Have fun! At least I'll be able to keep the heater at home.
  11. I have been thinking about something since this season is so mild and puling out the Frabill is wearing me out. I actually could use the exercise but it getting old! Can you send me your picts when ya get a chance [email protected] Sounds like a great idea and well worth the price of some old used downhill skis. After today, I might just have to strap the hockey skates on and pull er out that way! Thanks
  12. I'm real close to obtaining a Nils, but am curious where I might be able to try one. I know there are some events here and there, but wanted to see if there is some kind of schedule of events or where I might find one to try out. Thanks for the help!
  13. Any info from moto999 is bogus--OR rrosenmeyer1979 BOGUS
  14. Quote: Lake of the Woods east side near Pine Island I was also up near that spot and my buddy brought up a 2ft'r It was quite a little fight and my buddy was freaked out! It was funny. I had to end up getting it back down the hole and away it went. Good times
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