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  1. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy beofre posting. Be sure to stay on topic as well. Thanks much]
  2. What you guys fail to realize is that quite a few birds have moved through already. Some southern refuges are stacking up while you guys are waiting for the "big push" Thousands of birds come and go before most people even realize it. Keep waiting guys.
  3. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thanks much]
  4. Quote: a lot of crop still in the field good luck getting access That when farmers beg you to hunt those fields. Hunting does less damage than 20,000 ducks and geese.
  5. You are better of buying the DVD, chances are you will have to watch it a few times to get it down good.
  6. I wasn't questioning your abilities by any means, I was just curious what your name was because we have probably met.
  7. Quote: Rost had it in the bullseye!!!!! That Canada Hammer call from Buck Gardner is awful hard to beat. I have a handful of $150 calls hanging from my lanyard, and I am here to tell you, there is not a big difference.., and yes folks, I know how to blow a goose-call. From double-clucks to the lay-down murmur, I can blow it, and blow it well. Not too toot my own horn, (no pun intended), I work for a very established outfitter here in Rochester. Now, having said that, this is the only call I have that is a "cheapie".., and it was given to me. So I cannot say that all the low-end calls sound that good, but this one does..., and it does it all. If the poster that bought a Hammer feels that it takes more air then a flute, and was very disappointed in the call, I can say with about 90% confidence it was the way you were blowing the call, not the call. You DO NOT blow through a short-reed goose-call like you do a flute. You "address" the call with air, similar to fogging a window. The air must come from the diaphragm. This board prohibits me from making any "promotions", but if you are wondering my credentials, let's say that if you have visited any Cabela's, in MN, you have seen my seminars on goose-calling, or at least seen them advertised. So the bottom-line is this. NO, you do not have to spend $150 for a goose-call.., but you DO have to know how to blow it. "Blowing" is actually a misnomer.., you do NOT blow a short-reed goose-call, you "meter" air into it. So for all of you wanting to learn a short-reed, please, please take the time to learn it. Have someone that can blow one teach you. Is a good goose-call worth it???? You had better believe it. Not everyone gets to hunt a field in the morning that was filled with honkers the night before. If you do, you don't even need a call.., or a couple honks on a Big-River will work just fine. But if you find yourself in a field that the geese are not using, but just flying over.., well I can assure you the person that can blow a goose-call, and sound very, very "goosy", is going to go home with his limit, compared to the 5 dozen decoys and little or no calling. It all depends on how you hunt. If you get to hunt a "feeding-field", then all you need is a handful of decoys on the "X", and a box of shells, and you are in business. For the rest of us out there.., give us our short-reeds.., and we will be cleaning our limits of geese by 10:00 a.m. so who are you then?
  8. Quote: Jimbo80-did they just close it for the early season(overwater)? You can still hunt the river in that stretch during regular duck season, correct? all hunting....more houses = more noise complaints. Also, people started hunting really close to town, so that don't help
  9. Quote: Long Honker Goose Flute by Big River!!!! $20. Comes with a tape. Me and my 4 buddies have been using them for over 10 years. If you want I can add pictures to back that up. I'm sure the $100 and some dollar calls will work just as well though Thats great and all, but what about when geese are tough and need more aggressive, louder calling? Can you do spit notes and quick spits on your big river? Your not gonna get it with a big river! Acrylics last forever and are truly a custom call. They can be tuned to fit any callers style. Well worth it.
  10. Better look at maps again...most of it was closed to hunting this summer. (Powerplant to Elk River) They did it under the radar made a bunch of people mad.
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