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  1. Well, it ain't much, but it's mine, and it's a great solo rig for the North Metro lakes.
  2. I'm in Saint Paul's East Side.
  3. Hey! Thanks everyone for the kind words about my bass-fishing Santa. Everyone's smiling, and that's a good thing!
  4. Fleet Farm is my sporting goods store, for sure, but not much of that came from there, except the Musky Killer in that bass' mouth. NOTLUND came to me after about a dozen people asked me, when I bought a boat, "Is it a Lund?"
  5. Well, open water is just about done here. But, Santa Claus doesn't care. He's goin' bass fishing in front of my house.
  6. His boat control seems pretty effortless when you're in the boat with him. He's fishing all the time, but always seems to have complete control over the boat, switching between the 40hp outboard and the electric trolling motor (stern mounted) seamlessly. No rip jigging on the trip I went on. We fished shallow water (nothing over 10') with about a 6" lift and drop, right on the bottom. Blew me away. I caught that 10 lb. walleye in less than 6' of water, at the end of July! For pete's sake! Just little minnows...looked like crappie minnows to me...on a roundhead jig. We caught walleyes, sauger, flatties, channels, white bass, about a million sheepheads, smallmouth, and even a mooneye. All using the same delicate jigging presentation. Normally, I don't jig much, and it took me a while to get the feel of it. No slack, ever. Lift, then drop at exactly the sink rate of the jig and minnow. Bites were almost imperceptible. Mostly, there was a fish on when you lifted the rod tip. The thing is that he knows exactly where the fish are, and when. He goes there and you catch fish. Heck, I could hardly tell the difference between the spot we were catching them and another spot on the river. I wouldn't reveal any of his spots, and I doubt I could find most of them myself. He just knows Pool 2 inside and out. If you can swing it, I don't see how you could do better than a day with the Griz.
  7. He told me he never picked up his Ranger this year. Apparently, he's stopped guiding on Mille Lacs, and is just doing the rivers these days. I think he's sorta scaling back a bit. I'm glad I had a chance to fish with him before he quits guiding.
  8. I learned that taking a kid out fishing with you makes fishing a lot more fun. I'll do it more often next season.
  9. I did a day trip with the Griz the end of July this summer on the Mississipi (Pool 2). Ended up catching a heckuva lot of fish, including a 10 lb. walleye and a 20"+ sauger. Jig and minnow. We caught eight different species that day, all with the same simple technique. Not much variety with the Griz, but he can sure put his clients on fish, and big ones. He's not a flashy guide. Doesn't have a flashy boat, either. He doesn't suffer fools gladly. He just puts his clients on fish, again and again and again. Can't say that for some of the other guides I've used.
  10. Smallest size largemouth I'd keep would be 1 oz. over the current state record. All others go back in the lake.
  11. Lots of big carp in Gervais Lake in Little Canada. Even more in the Mississippi in Saint Paul. Caught a 30 pounder off the Harriet Island dock on Nightcrawlers.
  12. I like the pike fishing at Bald Eagle. I've had good luck recently in the weed flats near Cigar Island with a yellow/white tandem spinnerbait with willow leaf blades. Go there on a weekday. Too much nonsense on the weekends.
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