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  1. Hi All- Getting married on 4/24/10 and we are starting to look for a photographer and looking for anybody you know, or maybe you yourself if you do weddings on the side. Please give me you suggestions. Thank you.
  2. A few years back I bought a pair of the CIPA slip-on tow mirrors that are supposed to just slip on....well, it usually takes about 1/2 hour per mirror to get them on right and the mirror that comes on them doesn't adjust enough to cover all the area I need, they help, but not the best. I find myself just going without because of the hassle getting them on and the blind spot they still leave....so my question is for you guys with the GMC/Chevy standard mirrors, what do you guys have and how do you like them. Thanks-
  3. I'll recommend the oil change to them. Thanks for the insight.
  4. Car was/is a 2003 Chevy Malibu. I am not sure what engine it has, doubt it matters what engine it has other than it doesn't have one that is supposed to drink E-85. I know they made a long trip home after Thanksgiving with it, do not know if the engine lights came on or not, but they did make it home. My question is if 5,10,15, 20,000 miles down the road there will be problems
  5. O.K. First off I didn't do this, another person I know did and decided to just drive it and fill up with regular gas as soon as it was down to 1/4 tank, then again when its down a 1/4 tank again and so on in hops to dilute the E-85. I think bad move that will cause problems down the road. Anybody know for sure??
  6. nitroant

    MMM good

    I watched that one too, I thought they were perch, but don't matter. As soon as I saw it my mouth started to water and I started trying to figure out where I am going to go first time out to get some panfish to fry up. They sure looked good and nothing is better than eating them right out of the fry basket.
  7. We hunt on St. Louis County land and they have logged many acres of it. I assume the sales money is used to fund the county. In our area blue an red are the most common along with ribbon of all colors. Some seem to be cut lines, others seem to be survey markers. It looks like they are about to log the 120 acres my dad and I have hunted almost by ourselves for 20 years.....looks like that will come to an end as I am sure they will cut in a huge haul road for all to use after that. Oh well, what can you do but be happy for the use of it over the last 20 years.
  8. I took a piece of sheet metal a little bigger than the fan itself, drilled some holes and mounted the fan to the sheet metal, bent a 90 on the sheet metal to wrap around the top pole and drilled a hole in the sheet metal the same diameter as the fan. I filed the edges good and rounded all the corners and added tape to the area that would maybe rub against the fabric. I wired this to the top pole and the wire is just tight enough that you can adjust the fan and it will stay there until you take the house down for the night. You can buy a small piece of sheet metal at most hardware stores. From there all you need is a drill, vise and hole saw. If you don't have a hole saw that big, several smaller holes should work too. If I had a picture of it I would post that for you too see.
  9. I use a LED back-up light that you would see on a semi trailer or the truck itself. Its a sealed unit with 54 bulbs in it and I used a bracket they sell for it to mount it to trailers as a holder and wired that to the center pole. Its plenty bright and its right in the middle of the house so it lights things up pretty good. I did put another one in the back of the house over the tub to light that space up more for when I am looking for things, but I have that on a switch along with a computer fan also on a switch. These suggestions came off this forum and I think this solution was pretty popular.
  10. For $20-$30 per oil change I just change my oil every 3,000 miles and to do it costs me $100-$150 a year in oil changes. Pretty cheap in my book. I would rather spend the money on an extra oil change or two a year and not worry. Just my .02
  11. I use the U shaped broom holders that you screw to the wall and you push the broom into it and it kind of friction holds. I have two for each pole and I have them mounted to the inside of the sled. Cheap and it works well and keeps them out of the way of everything else.
  12. Potlatch is very much still in the land lease business. The property that they sell off is most often a piece that has produced marginal amounts of timber due to the piece being low enough that it holds water, or has very steep rock cliffs or other situations that don't make for the best use for them, sometimes it just a piece of land they own that is surrounded by private land. We have a 160 acre lease in NE Minnestota and they are still offering land for lease in our area. Our group pays a little over $1100 a year for 160 acres. The size and cost for each lease if different. I would check out the Potlatch HSOforum. I have herad that St. Louis County does not lease out any new pieces of land, but existing leases are still honored, but I have not checked into this.
  13. Every year about now In-Fisherman puts out a magazine for just ice fishing. There is tips, product reviews and places to try. Reed's almost always has a 20-30 page flyer in with it as well. It semms to be a good place to see what is new in the industry for the year and there only seems to be a limited supply of the issues printed every year. Also, there is usually a coupon for $1 or so off the admisson to the ice show at the Xcel in December.
  14. I am bringing my 2004 GMC in for the second time for this problem. It was fixed under warranty last time and they said they will cover the cost this time if it is the same problem. I'll know more by Wednesday night, but I bet they find something just a little bit off from last time and will not cover the cost......time for that extened warranty to kick in.
  15. I have a 2004 GMC 1500 4 x 4 with about 55,000 miles and I am getting new tires this week and was curious as to how often you guys have put new shocks in your trucks? I have heard that every time you put new tires on you should put new shocks in, just want to know what others have seen. Thanks in advance
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