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  1. Wondering what the ice-snow-portage conditions are going up Pipestone & across stonedam? Planning a trip in acouple weeks - also how has the trout bite been this season, if anyone would like to share that info. Thanks
  2. Zags- you can try MODIS Today--CIMSS-SSEC Thats the one i've been usin.
  3. Do you have snow up there? Were lookin at brown grass and no snow in the forecast. Thanks again and i will keep watchin.
  4. Superbee-thanks for the post - will be watchin for updates. Thinkin a early January trip and wonderin what mode of transportation will work to get to loonhaunt-Plane-wheelers -sleds? Thanks again!
  5. Any ice reports from Pipestone area-Loonhaunt ?
  6. Not yellow- Red and white - one looks like sun rays under the wings.
  7. NoWiser-Not sure of a date for the trip yet- a couple of the guys want to fly in becuase of convenience- a couple of us want to sled in and bring alittle more gear for convenience. But i'm afaid if they want to fly in someone has to make a trip with sleds to freeze in a landing strip. (pick me)
  8. Any changes in the slush reports -Stonedam - Loonhaunt? Pospond the last trip - planning a new one. I amagine Pipestone and Clearwater get enough traffic to travel.
  9. Thanks Jim - does that pesky lake effect snow push the ice down or does most of it blow off? We,ve had some slush ploblems in G R.
  10. Jarrid- Jim , Thanks for the info- just watched Jim's video report (just love those things) and will probably wait til it freezes up around Bayfield before makin the trip so keep the info flowin. Thanks and good luck.
  11. Thanks for the Info - we probably want to rethink our plan. Was gettin eager to get up there cause it doesn't happen that often for me but leavin a plane doesn't sound like a good idea either. Have to talk to the guys about a sled trip. Some of the lakes i fish around here are slushed also - not much fun plowin thru it with the sled. Seem like there is new spots of slush every time i go out. Thanks again.
  12. Wonderin if anybody has been into loonhaunt yet? Looking at flyin in next week - was hopin condition are good enough to set down on skis. Did you guys to the north get hit with the new years snow?
  13. Thanks superbee- Would like it if you could keep us posted- was going to try early January trip. Landin on skis might even be tough for awhile if there is alot of slush.
  14. Was wonderin if the lakes around loonhaunt are startin to freeze up - We usually come in from clearwater to pipestone and into loonhaunt. I'm guessin with the snow you have that the shallower bays are probably really slushy. The cabin in question is in one of those bays.
  15. Sorry i haven't gotten back to you but i got caght up in trout fishin last weekend. They have the cabin in the bay on the NW corner. Most the time they fly in but sled in now and then.
  16. Thanks Superbee for the update. Some friends were goin to try to get some stuff hauled into their cabin but it looks like they might have to fly it after ice out. Thanks again
  17. Hopin someone can tell me what the portages are like thru pipestone- stone dam and loonhaunt. Want to make a trip this weekend but have concerns of any snow bein left on the portages and open water.
  18. Everyone has there opinion on what size is big enough to mount- so i say if you want it on the wall - go for it. I had one mounted last year for my dad-just over 9 lbs- biggest eye he's ever caught and that maybe the biggest he ever catches cause he's 85 yrs old.
  19. Wondering about lodging places between Ashland and Bayfield - couple guys - fishin for 3 days. Hopefully there will be good ice up far enough to fish some lakers.
  20. Surreal-thanks for the info-i can't justify buyin a new insulated house when i can do upgrades for MUCH less. Know what you mean by the frost buildup, fish alot of days when it cold and windy, sometimes the sun flower just can't keep up. Thanks again.
  21. bassman - could you give me alittle info about where to get reflectix- would like to do my flip trap.
  22. Has anyone been out around the Port Wing area? Was thinkin bout headin over there soon and would appreciate any news.
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