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  1. Gave a few good whacks on the hand and boom...the shutter opens ! So thanks for the advice dbl, didnt know you could be so aggressive with cameras !
  2. davidr

    atv parts

    There used to be a place in elk river anoka area off of highway 10...south side of the highway. I know they had tons of snowmobile parts back in the day so if they are still open I would have to assume they would have ATV parts as well....otherwise sport wheels is your best shot.
  3. from what I have found your looking at 600-800 bucks for the winter rental, that includes bringing your house in and out once...usually 20-25 bucks to have your house moved. The summer rental is usually 500-600 for storage or 1000-1500 if u want beach front property. Every place is different so I would just figure out what part of the pond you want to fish and start calling or finding websites for the nicest or cheapest place. So like the previous person said its a nice option for a summer cabin as well, get yourself a window AC unit and your in paradise.
  4. Pulled apart the breaks and the front right was shot...got some mud and water in the drums and smoked the pads and the main seal around the drum. Honda sells the pads with all the hardware( springs and pins, etc) so it was a pretty easy fix. Mental note, after a weekend in the mud check the inspection plug for water or mud.
  5. thanks for the input guys...me and the boys are going to tear into it tonight, i will let you know what we find. And I will be looking into the disc brake kit, much easier to deal with.
  6. makes sense, considering this started after a long weekend in nemadji mud and water. Will I need to drain all of the brake fluid and basically start over ? Thanks for the tips fellas.
  7. Hello, has anyone had issues with the front brakes on the Rincon 650 ? I can pull the break all the way back and it wont engage and when it does its very minor. I checked the fluid and it appears to be full....could an air bubble cause this ? I was thinking maybe its the cable but there isnt a cable on the front breaks. Anyway, any advise will be apprieciated.
  8. i love riding in nemadji....great place to go for the day or the weekend. I will keep checking the site and hopefully i can make it. I was up there this spring and they actually had mud trail...dont see that very often.
  9. davidr

    Polaris or Honda

    I dont know how but i have been told they sell a chip u can install to take care of the rev limiter...and again im not sure if its a chip or something u download but i know a friend of mine on his grizzly 660 had the same issue and now he can do 50mph backwards....maybe someone else can chime in or next time I see him I can ask...I want to say it was like 30 or 40 bucks from dennis kirk...but this was a few years back.
  10. davidr

    Good Atv site

    carsoup.com is good....onlinetrader.com is good especially if u dont mind driving out of state to find good deals...otherwise i use hsolist.org for just about anything for sale...u can search metro...rochester...duluth etc so many options....just be careful not to buy a freshly painted pc of dump. Friend bought a grizzly off of hsolist got it home and it needed new fron shafts..not a big deal but he wasnt too thrilled.
  11. I always love how concerned people are about the environment when its someone else doing it....i bet the same people that have issues with cigarette butts have a buried freezer in there backyard or dump there used oil in the ground...lol.but dont worry kids, pretty soon we wont even be able to smoke in our own homes.
  12. Is it me or does that really put a load on your rear suspension ? Yeah it looks OK as it sits now but what about when u have a portable hitched on back too. How much do you figure the box and all your goodies weigh ?I love Honda's and will prolly only own Honda's, but i wish they had adjustable suspension.
  13. please send pics to [email protected] if they are still available...i will need to double check to make sure they will fit the honda but its worth a shot
  14. thanks castnblast, looks like a cool place...would be a great time to go up there....i did find a nice place in our evil neighbors state...just outside of Black River Falls so I think im going to flip a quarter to decide....only draw back to wisconsin is the 18$ license u need to buy but they also have 500 miles of trails.
  15. thanks for the info somethingfishy...i have been to nemadji before but closer to Bruno so i will check that out.
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