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  1. I've used an EZ load trailer for years. I fought with it for some time trying to center the boat. What I learned is...backing the trailer in too far / too deep is bad, it will not work. I also find that if I coast my boat onto the trailer in neutral, until it centers itself, that is the ticket, then you can throttle it up farther. All said, I will get bunks for my next boat.
  2. Ours is on a large nut on the tongue of the trailer, left side near the trailer jack. Also, is your actual hitch ball in good shape. I had problems with grounding in the past because of an old, rusty ball.
  3. My boat, and two others (all aluminum) were beached next to each other on Mille Lacs last year when the wind kicked up overnight. The boats turned sideways and banged together in the waves all night. An entire side of my boat was destroyed having been scratched, dented gouged and everything else. After a week at Anchor Marine and a willing insurance company, it looks brand new now. Highly recommend them!
  4. I bought my yellow female from Brad a year ago December. She was professionally trained (intro to bird/gun and obedience) and hunted quite well this last fall. She loves the water, hunts hard and is an inside dog that adores my 5yo son. She also is quite petite and athletic built, weighing in now at only about 50 lbs. So far so good. Email me at [email protected] if you have any other questions or concerns.
  5. ckgsp - I would definitely be interested in contacting you for some birds, especially since you are in Carver. If still available, can you email me at [email protected] to see if we can arrange something? Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys....those are the words I was hoping to hear. I won't lose hope yet.
  7. My lab is 11 months old, was professionally trained and was exposed to birds and gunfire in training. Opener consisted of a lot of driving, public land and a lot of walking for no birds (2 hens flushed all day). My pup after not long into the day seemed to lose interest, and eventually was walking near me, and sometimes behind me. When I got home I was very disappointed in her performance, but thinking about it, I hope her disinterest was due to simple boredom and lack of reward/success. I will be taking her to the game farm next week. Looking for your thoughts / opinions / experiences.
  8. My Strikelite came with the plastic bit when I bought it. I had issues with slush/snow clogging the bottom and it would not cut at all. I returned the bit and Strikemaster replaced it with a metal one.
  9. Brought my old lab every time out to the wheel house. Now that shes gone, I've been bringing the new 8wk old pup out as well. Its a bit more of a challenge but I want her to get used to it. When hunting season is closed, I enjoy bringing the dog fishing in the boat or in the ice house. They make pretty good company !!
  10. I can drill fresh hole fine...it is a lazer bit/ blade not a chipper
  11. I have a strike lite auger, replaced the bit with a metal one and bought new auger blades last season. Auger cuts a new hole fine, but i had a real tough time reopening holes in the house today. It just bounced at the top of the hole and wouldn't bite at all. Any suggestions? I have not had this problem in past years.
  12. Awesome !!!!....I think you can climb up to "cloud 10" after that one. Congrats on a fine animal.
  13. Congrats to you.... beautiful animal.
  14. The pic didn't work on this one....i did a second post titled "picture"....
  15. Sorry, my picture didn't come through on last post....I'll try again.
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