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  1. Took him out to the Iron River Flowage and came up with a bunch of small gills. Was great watching him though, those little eyes lit up with every fish that came through the whole! Yesterday took the better half to Pigeon Lake by Drummond and caught a few small northerns and a 19" bass that went right back in. I think next weekend I am going to try the bay again, maybe off Bono creek or go down to Namekagen for some crappies. Does anybody know if the crappies are close enough to shore this time of year to pull my otter out on foot on Namekagen? If so, where do we head out of? Thanks.
  2. Went out off Bono for about 3 hours with only a couple of hits. Seen a couple of guys land some but the fish just wouldn't hit us hard enough. We moved to Ashland out from the orr dock for the rest of the day with no luck at all. Seen one guy with a nice (27" or 28") walleye on the ice though. I would like to take my 4 year old son out crappie or bluegill fishing this weekend but don't know where to go around Ashland. We have gone out on the bay twice, more just to see if his patience would hold out than to catch fish, and now he is on me how we never catch anything! Willing to drive half an hour or so to have some luck if someone could steer us in the right direction. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the great response! With all this warm weather and rain is the ice still good off Bono Creek? We will be heading out on the tomorrow (Dec. 26) on foot. Merry Christmas!
  4. I am new to ice fishing on the bay, only a few times last year, and don't know where to go. Does anybody know where to head out of and what depth to fish at? What bait and lures to use? We would like to focus on trout and any help would be great!
  5. I dont know much about the science behind deer management, but one would have to believe that if we all passed up the small bucks there would be plenty more large bucks within a few years. For the meat hunters there are more than enough doe's to shoot and from what I understand reducing the number of doe's really makes the herd stronger. As for the money, wouldn't the state make more in the long run off non-resident license sales if we were known as a real trophy whitetail state? If there were antler restrictions wouldn't the DNR then drop the EAB? Has anybody else watched a nice buck browse under them and had to pass because it was the first morning of archery season and they have not seen a doe in the first 15 minutes? As for the DNR, I think that they do the best they can with the resources alloted to them. Someone had said that Minnesota has done a great job, if they are doing such a great job why do they still have such a early rifle season(during the rut)? Wouldn't it be better to let the bucks breed before killing them? As I said, I am no expert and imagine views on this vary among different guys, just my opinion.
  6. Did anybody have luck this weekend? If so where and what were you using? Took my oldest daughter(9 years old) off ice road for about 2 hours without any action, her first time out but she had fun!
  7. JKH431, thanks for all the info on trout in the bay. Going to try again this sunday off the ice road for a few hours and see what happens. Four of us went up to red lake this saturday and caught our crappie limit in 3 1/2 hours so it might be hard to sit for long without any action. Is there any special way to cut up herring and smelt? What colors seem to be working the best? Again, thanks for all the help.
  8. Fished bay all weekend with little luck, just two small lakers and two whitefish. It was my first time on the ice and I dont really know what to use or where to go yet. Can somebody give me some pointers on how to catch any type of trout?
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