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  1. Personally I would never spend that much in one shot on tackle. Its not going to matter what you throw at them if they aren't there. Save it and spend it on a good flasher or gps/navionics map. Catching them is the easy part, finding them is whats the challenge
  2. Looking to get some window curtains in my new Yetti. The dimensions I would need would be 38" wide (east to west) and around 26" long (north to south). Any one have and suggestions on where I could pick something like this up or what others have done to their windows in a wheel house? Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Border View has been great to us in the past as well. They run a great operation and we usually bring a coach bus of guys up for a Monday-Wednesday trip as well and have no problem getting fish to bring home.
  4. Took the hummingbird out of storage last night to take some inventory. When I hooked the power cord up to the battery and it started when everything was in the off position and no matter what I did it would not turn off without unhooking the power. The depth would sit at 17feet and no colors would show up. Anybody else have experience with this, or provide some feedback to what is going on?
  5. I would not trade my $10 polars in for any others. I will never buy another brand
  6. Brought home the new Yetti from the dealer the other night. Everything worked great when we left and we locked and dead bolted the door on the way home. Got it home and couldn't get the key into the dead bolt lock. Gets about 3/4 the way in and then wont go any further. Any one have any suggestions or experience this before? Thanks!
  7. Go with an automatic floe lift and you will never need to think about getting another one again
  8. Be ready to party and see some interesting things
  9. This is true. If you don't mind driving the 75 miles go to dry. Pulling raps would be easiest. College buddies had there 5 man limit in 2 hours. Its a zoo but you will catch fish
  10. Looking at getting a new flasher. Has anyone looked at these or no any information on them? Not real sure what to think but the GPS and navigation would come in handy. Just looking fr some advise. Thanks guys
  11. Pretty much....spread the wings out and stand on them as close to the body as ya can, grab the legs and just pull (it will take some pressure at first). Usually can pull all the way through and left with 2 parts, the breast in one hand, and the rest of the body in the other.
  12. Out in South Dakota, 7 of us got our limit...was a great day in the field had 35 birds stacked by 8:30
  13. Was there saturday and looked at a couple small slews we got near Hazel and Henry. There were a few birds around so ya might get as much shootin
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